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Are you in search of some funny gift ideas to celebrate Boss's Day? If your answer is a yes, then here are some humorous gift ideas for Boss's Day.

Boss's Day Funny Gifts

Boss's Day is the perfect occasion that gives you a chance to thank your boss for keeping you employed, providing a good environment for work, for being generous to you, and for all his hard work. If your boss has a good sense of humor and likes to have a belly laugh, then consider giving your boss a gift that he/she can laugh about. A funny gift will lighten the mood and give your boss a chance to laugh out his/her stress at work. There can be plenty of funny gift ideas for Boss's Day and with a little bit of research you can come up with some great innovative ideas that will be easy on your pocket. To make it more attractive, consider wrapping it in some decorative paper and keep it on your boss's desk before he/she arrives in the office. If you are looking for some funny gift ideas, then here is a list of humorous gift ideas for your aid. Steer through this article to learn more.

Funny Gifts For Boss's Day

Best Boss Magazine Cover
A faux magazine cover with your boss's picture on it would surely be a funny gift idea. There are many photo processing sites where you can get it done. Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, you can make your own magazine cover using a couple of graphics software and then get it printed. To make it more funny, you can also consider adding silly fake headlines like "winner of the best boss award" or "the best boss in town". You can frame it and present it to your boss so that he can display it on his bookshelf or the wall for others to see.

Silly Office Supplies
If you want your boss to have a good laugh on Boss's Day, why not gift him/her silly office supplies like a wooden carved pen of an alligator or a pirate skull? Couple it with peanut erasers and chocolate calculator made out of rubber. Your boss will definitely appreciate your originality.

Stress Buster Gift Basket
No doubt bosses work hard all year round and they have to bear up with some really stressful days. Then why not pamper your boss on his/her day and fill in a basket with items that will drive him/her crazy. A giggling plush toy, a desktop billiard table, or a desktop punching bag will surely bring on a big belly laugh.

Custom Bobble Head
Wow your boss with a tailor-made bobble head. There are many online companies that can help you with this. All you need to do is get a photo of your boss and mail it to such a company who will get a custom-made bobble head that just resembles your boss. Keep it on your boss's desk before he/she arrives in the office. He/she will definitely be surprised to see a miniature of himself/herself on his/her desk.

Personalized Mug
A coffee mug is a common gift, but you can make it funny by adding a touch of humor to it. Get a funny message or an animated photo of your boss printed on the mug so that your boss can have a good laugh over it. You can also get creative and come up with your own hilarious ideas.

'How To Tie A Tie' Tie
A tie with the instructions on how to tie a tie written on it is surely going to be a funny Boss's Day gift idea.

Customized Clock
Is your boss too punctual? Does he/she always arrive and leave on time? If yes, then confuse him/her with a clock that tells time backward! If you are looking for some humor then an exploding ticking bomb clock can also suits your purpose.

If your boss loves humor and lets you poke fun, then make your Boss's Day fun, light and frivolous by presenting him/her some really funny gifts.