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Golgappe is a mouth watering item that is very hard to resist. Read this recipe to know how to make Golgappe, a dish liked by everyone.


If you are bored of eating sweets and want to spice up your celebration, what can be a better option than golgappe? It is known by different names in different regions, the most popular ones being panipuri, puchka and gupchup. Golgappas are easily available in restaurants as well as on the roadside. Standing by the road and eating this juicy mound with your friends is an experience that cannot be defined. A little effort of preparing it yourself can give you a chance to have the same fun at home also. If you do not want to miss out on the fun, then try the recipe given below. Read on and know how to make golgappe.

Golgappe Recipe

For Pani
For Filling

For Puri
For Pani (Water)
Serving Golgappe