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If you want to send greetings on karwa chauth, read the article. You will get to know how to send greetings cards and e-cards on karva chauth.

Karwa Chauth Cards

Karwa Chauth Cards
In India, the institution of marriage is regarded far beyond material affairs of the world. In India, it is considered that marriage is a bond between two individuals for a life time. Several efforts are done to strengthen the bond of marriage here as it is thought to be the relationship of lifetime. Few of the measures taken to strengthen marital bonds in the country are various festival based on the marital themes like Vat Savitri, Teej and Karwa Chauth. Karwa Chauth is held in high regards in the country as it associated with the institution of marriage.

As Karwa Chauth is considered as the festival for a married woman, every possible thing is done by them to make the occasion feel festive and special. Apart from traditional customs of fasting, wearing new clothes, wearing bridal make up and making scrumptious dishes, several recent trends like arranging a couple party, musical show and exchanging greetings cards have come in fashion. These greeting cards are a token of love, care and good wishes depending upon who is gifting the card to whom.

The cards can be given to a married woman by her husband or in-laws, or by her own parents and friends. As this traditional festival is not only rural India, but also in relatively liberal metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, thousands of greetings cards are exchanged on this event along with gifts and sweets. Though it is not a compulsory ritual on the occasion, with time this trend of exchanging card has become very popular.

Karva Chauth Cards

Gift Galleries
Greeting card galleries make big money with cards specially designed for a particular occasion. That is why you won't feel dearth of options if you will visit any renowned card store of your city for beautiful greetings cards specially designed specially for the festive occasion of Karva Chauth.

E-cards are also an interesting way of wishing your loved ones and telling them that they are special. Especially if you are far away there is no faster and personalized means of wishing your loved wife that how special is she for you! So, try sending a beautiful animated Karwa Chauth Card to her and tell her that she is special. Also, if it your sister's first Karwa Chauth and she is far away at her in-laws place, send her a e-card with a message for her blissful married life.

Homemade Greeting Cards
Home made cards are a special way of greeting someone. Though it will require some time and efforts, it will indeed make the recipient feel extremely card and loved. So, if it is your wife's first Karwa Chauth make a beautiful hand made card to reciprocate the love and care she has showered upon you by fasting the entire day without a single drop of water for your long life.