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Karwa Chauth gifts are traditional as well as exclusive. Explore some wonderful ideas for Karva Chauth presents.

Karwa Chauth Gifts

Karwa Chauth Gifts
Karwa Chauth is one of the most popular festivals in India. Though, the celebrations of the festival is concentrated to the Northern and Western part of the country in Punjab, Haryana, U.P., Delhi and Gujarat, the festival is known all over the country for its pious rituals and cause. In spite of being one of the toughest fast, Karva Chauth is always looked forward by all the married women who observe this fast as this gives them an opportunity to wish for the long life, well being and prosperity of her husband. The festival is celebrated with immense pomp and show, if it is being celebrated for a newly wed.

Traditional Gifts
The festival is welcomed by any married woman with great fervor. Apart from the reason that it provides them with a chance to change the fortune of their husband and bless him with the luck of long life, one more reason fascinates woman to a welcome the festival with immense happiness. It is the joy and happiness of receiving expensive and beautiful gifts from their husbands and relatives. As this festival is considered very tough, the husband out of love presents hefty gifts items to her better half. The relatives of the wife presents gifts which are generally symbols that reflects the marriage status of a woman like jewelry, bangles, henna, sarees, lehnga choli etc.

On the occasion of Karva Chauth, there are two specific gifts that are certain to be gifted to the woman who observes the fast. The two gifts are sargi and baya. Sargi is basically the gift of scrumptious meals, sweets and clothes presented to the woman on the occasion of the Karva Chauth day. Baya also includes of very similar things. If it is the first Karwa Chauth of the any woman, the Sagi and Baya are extravagant and royal. Even on the Karwa Chauths in the life later on, the gifts are always precious.

Modern Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas
As a husband, it becomes you responsibility to reward your wife with a wonderful present for observing such a difficult fast for your well being, happiness and long life. This is simply not a gift but also a token of love from your side. So you must be choosy over the items you buy for her on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. However, if you are clueless, here are few ideas.

Expensive Jewelry
Whatever be the age, the craving of a woman for jewelry would never come to an end. So, if you really want to see your better half extremely pleased and showering all her love on you, there would be nothing better than a classic Jewelry set. If you can afford, the best would be an antique jewelry set which she was aspiring for long.

Designer Clothes
Designer Clothes are all time favorites of woman. So if you are completely blank, simply head towards some good saree show room and but the most trendy and buy an exclusive saree for her.

Tour Package
As you are a busy man, you hardly get time for her and she is always complaining about this. This Karva Chauth give her a gift of life time. Take her to a tour where you can explore each other once again. This will not only rejuvenate you but also refresh your relationship.

Renovated Wedding Album
If it has been about 25 years of your marriage and more and you have presented every possible expensive jewelry and tours, give your present an emotional touch this time. Simply get your wedding album renovated and present it to her with a letter and red rose. See how this Karwa Chauth, you people get young again.