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Homemade or handmade gifts best express your love by the amount of interest and effort put into making something for your grandparents. Read on for few homemade gifting ideas that you can make at home.

Homemade Gifts For Grandparents

Homemade gifts are especially valued by grandparents than people of the current generation because they understand the value of effort. It's easy to buy a gift from a shop, irrespective of its price, but making a gift by hand would show genuine interest in wanting to give something to your grandparents.Taking the effort to get the raw materials, learning the procedure and making it by hand, proves your dedication for making a good gift. The amount of interest you take in making the gift reflects on the quality of the gift. Quality also depends on your experience, know-how, resources, etc. Expectations of quality are directly proportional to your age, so the projects chosen for gifts can be selected according to your skill level. You can make medicine boxes, walking sticks, reclining chairs, paper weights, pen stands, spectacle bands, family tree posters, etc. You could also buy DIY kits and assemble them for your grandparents. You get gardening equipment, farming equipment, backyard tools sheds and other such DIY (Do It Yourself) kits at several stores all over the world. Some of them can even be ordered online. Knitting, painting, cooking are other talents that can be exploited for making gifts at home. You could also gift your grandparent's couple of pairs of socks that you knitted for them, a bag that you stitched by yourself, canvas paintings, etc.

Handmade Gifts For Grandparents

Family Tree Posters
Draw a huge tree on a sheet of cardboard that is at least 2 square feet in size. The branches must be such that they represent your family lineage. Leave square spaces to stick photos of the respective people. Color the tree using paints of your choice. Oil paints would be thicker and better looking on cardboard than water paints. You could use sketch pens or markers for the outlines. Stick the photos in the respective places and name them. Decorate the edges and empty spaces on the cardboard. You can get this cardboard framed or do it yourself at home.

Spectacle Bands
You can use a new shoelace for making a thin and comfortable spectacle band. Form a loop at each end such that it has a diameter that's slightly smaller than the spectacle frame handle and stitch it in such a way that it remains that way. Cut the aglet so that the lace looks like a chord. Have a wooden bead that has a hole slightly smaller than twice the diameter of the lace. Fold the lace at the center and pass it through the bead such that there's a loop formed on the other side of the bead. Pass your grandparent's spectacle handle through the loop and allow the band to flow behind the neck. The bead can be pushed forward or back to tighten or loosen the band.

Medicine Boxes
You can use empty mouth-freshener boxes that have dimensions of 1cm x 1.5cm x 2.5cm approximately. Clean and dry them thoroughly before use so that the medicines aren't exposed to the strong smell of mint. Tape seven such boxes together using duct-tape and label them with days of the week. Your grandparents can use these to store medicines that they would need to take every day. It helps them remember whether they've taken that day's medication or not, and they can refill their weekly stock on weekend, so this gift is useful while travelling too.

Pen Stands / Incense Holders
Take an empty soft-drink can; use a can opener to cut the top surface of the tin can, along the inner groove of the top edge. You will now have a can that's open on one side with the open edge reinforced by a crimp. The edge that has been cut will be sharp and may scratch your fingers if your try to put them in the can. Use nose pliers to press the edges along the inner side of the crimp until the entire circumference is flattened and safe. Use sand paper to scratch the paint off the can if you want a metal finish or if you want to repaint it yourself. If you wish to paint the can, you can apply a thin coat of metal primer before you paint on it. Else, you can cover thecan with potters' clay and make your own designs around it. Cover the open edge of the can with a thin strip of black insulation tape to make it look smooth and neat. You could also make traditional designs on the can, fill it with sand and use it as an incense holder.

Grandparents would love to receive a gift made by their dear ones. By making useful gifts for them, you can actually be helping them with trivial things that we take for granted. Such gifts would be remembered and appreciated every time it's put to good use.