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Make your grandma feel absolutely special this grandparent's day by presenting her a unique gift. Find some useful and interesting gift ideas in this piece.

Gifts for Grandma

Wonder who the lady seen hugging in the bust of U.S. president Barack Obama at the Peace Abbey, Massachusetts is? The lady is his grandmother, and the statue is a touching reminder of the loving bond between Obama and his grandmother. During his campaign Obama did not forget to mention the relationship he shared with his granny, the love he felt for her, the overwhelming love he nurtured for her, and how she had been influential in his formative years, because of which he grew up to be the man he is today. Well, this bronze statue carved beautifully by a famous Georgian sculptor strikes a chord with many of us. Grandchildren share a very unique relation with their grandmothers. In most cases, the relationship is quite informal with grannies regaling the kids with story-telling sessions and pranks. They are also extremely indulgent and entertain many of your whims. Growing older, you realize what a pillar of strength she has been for you. What goes around comes around. So, now that it is time for you to return the love and care she showered throughout on you, why not make her feel special this grandparent's day by gifting her a distinctive gift? Refer to the list below to choose the perfect gift for her.

Unique Gift Ideas For Grandma

Custom Paintings
You can transform a favorite photograph into a hand painted portrait for grandma to hang inside her room. She will love to have it there. You can do this by scanning and sending this photo to be morphed into a chosen size online or at a photo store that specializes in transforming photographs into paintings.

Massage Heating Pads
Massage heating pads can be really useful to grandmothers to ease any pain they suffer from. Heating pads are sold in many sizes to fit comfortably on king-sized beds. Some of them even have heat options, feature vibrating activity as well as low or high intensity settings.

Six-In-One Game Sets
Six-in-one game sets are ideal presents for sporty grandmothers who love to play games such as chess, dominoes, checkers, cards, cribbage, dice and backgammon. This gift option comes with six unique games combined into a single package with instructions for every game included in the package.

Why buy ready-made cook books sold in markets? Yes, you can create your own personalized book that features all of her most loved recipes from her family and friends. Kids can do this independently or ask for assistance form other members such as family members or friends. Though this is a time consuming option, gifting her a personalized cook book can really overwhelm lovable grandma.

Cordless Amplified Telephones
People tend to suffer from hearing problems as they age. So, if your grandmother has any kind of hearing impairment that makes her struggle while using the telephone, gifting her a cordless amplified telephone can be a great idea. These telephones make phone calls louder and clearer. They also feature a customizable extra noisy ringer as well as big, lit buttons to use when dialing phone numbers.

Coffee Mugs
Coffee mugs as gifts suit any occasion, regardless of age. Customized coffee mugs can be ideal gifts for your grandmother if you are running on a tight budget. You can choose from a variety of pre-specified photographs for display on the coffee mug. Grandma will remember you for this gift with every sip of coffee she takes.

Do not dismiss books as being conventional gifts. They are said to be man's best friends, and so they are, even for your grandmother. With age her physical movement gets limited and sometimes, it may also happen that she is just not able to move. She may get bored and lonely twiddling her thumbs and so, a book can be very helpful for passing her day. A gift such as a monthly or yearly subscription of a book or magazine of her choice won't be a bad idea either.

Jigsaw Puzzle
If your granny enjoys solving puzzles, a jigsaw puzzle would be the perfect gift for her as it will also aid her memory. This activity does not require much of physical strength as much as mental. You can gift her life time library charges for the jigsaw puzzle library.

Now that you know of some gift ideas for your grandma, figure out which gift fits best into your budget. Also, take into account the particular likes and dislikes of granny before you finally decide on one.