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Chola Dal is a scrumptious recipe made up of Split Bengal Gram. Explore here how to make Chola Dal in an easy way.

Chola Dal

Chola Dal
Durga Pooja, a ten-day festival, comprises of a number of rituals that are followed since ages. Apart from worshipping Goddess Durga during the occasion, people celebrate the festival by feasting. They cook a variety of dishes, which they share with their family, friends and acquaintances. Although West Bengal is famous for its sweet dishes including Roshogulla (Rasgulla), Mishti Doi, Patishapta and Sondesh, the cuisine also consists of spicy dishes, which are served primarily with rice (the staple food of Bengalis). Chola dal is one such dish prepared with split Bengal gram. In the following lines, we have given the easy recipe of Chola Dal.

Chola Dal Recipe