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Bandhakopir Dalna is actually the Bengali Cabbage Curry. Explore here the recipe of scrumptious Bandhakopir Dalna.

Bandhakopir Dalna

Bandhakopir Dalna
On the festive occasion of Durga Puja, the busy streets of West Bengal are occupied by people, who are in the mood of merrymaking and praising Ma Durga, the deity of power. People, who have not observed a fast during the festival, would take immense pleasure in making lip smacking recipes and share them with their loved ones. Bengalis are best known for their sweet tooth. This is the reason why most of the spicy Bengali recipes have a tinge of sweetness in them. One such recipe is 'Bandhakopir Dalna', popularly referred to as 'bengali cabbage curry'. As the name suggests, Bandhakopir Dalna is prepared by keeping cabbage as the chief ingredient. Given below is the easy recipe of Bandhakopir Dalna.

Bandhakopir Dalna Recipe