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Quotes on the boss are fun to read. Explore this piece for some interesting and humorous boss quotes.

Boss Quotes

The term 'boss' is usually associated with one who exercises control over employees in a given organization. However, over a period of time the term has acquired negative connotations with words like 'bossy' taking on implications of one being heavy-handed, overbearing and repressive. They are often perceived cynically because they are very often called upon to do not so pleasant tasks such as constantly monitoring them, reprimanding employees, giving them ultimatums, handing over pink slips or writing up performance reviews that may not always show the employee in good light. As usage gains currency, many people who lead others in an organization prefer to be called supervisors, foreman, leads or managers instead of boss. If have been working for a long time and have changed many jobs, in all likelihood you would have encountered many different types of bosses as different as chalk and cheese. Ideally speaking, bosses should be good, co-operative and understanding. However, idealism and practicality have rarely ever found common ground. Hence, practically speaking, there are good bosses and there are bad bosses. Whether you share a great rapport with your bosses and get along very well with him, or you are almost at daggers drawn, quotes can be a good to uplift your mood and gain interesting sights into their minds. Scroll down for some interesting quotes on boss.

Quotes On Bosses
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