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Tickle your boss's funny bone by getting a list of rib tickling boss day funny quotes and reading it out to him this Boss's Day. This piece will help you get those hilarious quotes.

Boss Day Funny Quotes

If you are in a workplace, you know how important the role is of a boss in your day to day life. A single word of appreciation can send you to cloud nine whereas a mere expression can ruin your entire day. However, you need not let them come into your professional and personal relationships. The efficiency of your work depends a lot on the atmosphere you are working, and it is the boss's onus to provide you with a suitable working environment. You deal with work pressure, so does your boss. In fact s/he has to cope with a lot more responsibilities and pressure than you. S/He is the one who, despite all hurdles and obligations, upholds a cordial relation with employees. It is only gradually that a nurturing relationship based on love, care and respect for each other takes shape between you and your boss. Sharing a few lighter moments with your boss certainly makes the day more enjoyable. National boss day, celebrated on 16th of October each year is a day when even the boss likes to relax and let his/her hair down as s/he tries to juggle a multitude of things. This is the perfect time for you to make the day light hearted. Why not present him/her with some funny quotes that will inject your boss with doses of humor.

Funny Boss Day Quotes
Read aloud these quotes to your boss this Boss's Day and watch her/him break into a wide mischievous grin.