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Do you appreciate and admire your boss? If yes, then here are some thank you poems for bosses that will help you to express your feelings.

Thank You Poems For Boss

As Boss's Day is coming up on October 16, most employees are gearing up with different ideas to express their appreciation to their bosses. If you too are truly touched by your boss and if you feel that he/she is the guiding star who has made a difference in your life, then Boss's Day is the best occasion for you to thank your boss. Writing your boss a meaningful poem not only conveys your feelings, but a well crafted poem will definitely touch your boss's heart. But of course, everyone is not gifted with the natural skill of writing a poem and if you too are one of them, don't get stumped there. Here is a collection of poems that can save you and at the same time will help you win your boss over. Read through the next section and feel free to use any of these poems that suit the occasion.

Boss's Day Thank You Poems

Poem 1
This Day is Special and it's just for you
To tell how much we appreciate you
We cannot tell how happy we are
To have the Boss the way you are

Poem 2
We have someone who listens to us
We have someone who guide us through
The Problems could have never been simple
If you have not given us confidence to fight them through

Poem 3
You have accepted us the way we are
You have made us perform and make that mark
The joy of success has always prevailed
Because the failure distinctively got nailed

Poem 4
We are a team and we love to perform
We like to take storm by its horns
We now know how to rock
Because we are lucky to have you as our Boss

Poem 5
This Day is Special and it's just for you
To tell how much we appreciate you
We cannot tell how happy we are
To have the Boss the way you are

Poem 6
Thank you for tolerating
My occasional mistake
And for the blind eye you turn
When I dash in late
Thank you for your guidance
When the chips are down
And for getting no angrier
Than a somewhat stern frown
Thank you, in anticipation,
For a raise in my pay
Which I richly deserve
For sucking up to you in this overblown way
Oh, and Boss
Have a terrific Boss's Day

Poem 7
Being the one in charge
Is definitely hard
And is sometimes thankless
Hence this card
Those who work with you
Wish to say
Thank you muchly
On Boss's Day

Poem 8
You always give your best
And inspire others to do likewise
That you are appreciated
Should come as no surprise
Your kind of leadership skills
Is a talent, that's true...
One that's appreciated and valued
It's good working for, and with, you.
Happy Boss's Day

Poem 9
You inspire us, encourage us
And protect us from harm
You know when to turn up the heat
And when to stay calm
You direct us and praise us
And keep us on track
Consider this message
A hearty slap on the back
We really appreciate
All that you do and say
This comes with big thanks
To you, Boss, on your Boss's Day

Poem 10
If Oscars were given to bosses
I'd nominate you
If Olympic medals were won by bosses
Your Gold is overdue
If Nobel Prizes were awarded to bosses
You would have quite a few
If Honorary degrees were granted to bosses
You'd have some of them too

Bosses work just as hard to keep everyone employed and they truly deserve some appreciation. Boss's Day is the perfect opportunity to thank your boss for his/her generosity. A heartfelt thank you poem is best to convey your feelings and gratitude.