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Looking to take a funny dig at your boss? If yes, Read these funny boss poems and unleash your bottled mirth.

Funny Boss Poems

In today's time and age of micromanagement, office cubicles are exploding with terrible stories of difficult bosses. Under these stressful work conditions, it has become all the more crucial to figure out ways to survive and thrive in a workplace. Blessed are those who are blessed with great bosses who are more of a motivation and less of a drill sergeant. Not all head honchos carry a whip and bark orders at every instance. Agreed, bosses are infamous for being taskmasters. But then, good bosses do exist out of books. If you are dealing with a tyrant boss, then indulging in some light office humor should give an outlet to your feelings as well as break the ice between you and your boss. However, before that it's important to understand the kind of humor that makes your boss tick. A great way to impress your boss and ward off the negative stress is by humoring him/her. A daily dose of humor won't just keep the frowns and foul mood away, but will also boost some great friendship within the office cubicles. Go ahead and explore these funny boss poems that are sure to get you guffawing wild. After all, you don't get to have fun everyday at your boss's expense.

Funny Boss's Day Poems

Poem 1
Dear Boss I wish you well this year.
And well upon your way from here.

Where they won't let you pray before.
They sacrifice your scrawny butt.
And hang your head above a hut.

Next to the tribal eating place.
Where you are served up after grace.

Poem 2
It is not always easy to be the one in charge
In charge of fixing the daily conundrums

That inevitably a come up at 4:30 on Friday
The Friday you have ball game tickets with a pal

Poem 3
A few words, painless and short,
It's bosses day, be a sport.

At your age, you slog great,
Have you been, lifting weight?

Wish you health, and all the best,
Joy and laughter, I suggest.

Happy Bosses Day, one more time,
Times are tough; here's a dime.

Poem 4
It's that time, that time of year.
So don't freak out, as downsizing draws near.
And though that word is the cause of much fear,
Let us explain why there's reason to cheer.

Profits are low while costs are high.
Which means bosses will see where our bottlenecks lie.
Workers not working is usually why
Bosses must bid them adieu, so long, and goodbye.

With a chance you'll be here when we're all done.
And though it seems like we're having fun,
Rest assured that bosses are having none.

So once we're done and if you're still here,
You can jump on your chair and shout and cheer.
With less fat around the future is clear,
And you'll have nothing to worry about until next year.
Happy Boss's Day!

Go through these funny boss poems and get cracking. Not only are they huge fun to read, but makes for a great read, especially during off-days.