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Out of humor with your boss? Fret not and restore your humor with these good-humored boss jokes in this piece.

Boss Jokes

Love him or hate him, there is no way you can avoid him. You see him daily while he oversees you. You think you ride high when he overrides you. He calls the shots while you remain at his beck and call. In every action of yours, there pervades this visible and invisible force that guides you and your decisions. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure - you are forever grateful to him notwithstanding the urge to act goofy with him and at times, even throw the gauntlet at him. Did you figure out who is it being referring to? Well, no brownie points for guessing that one! It is a term you indeed hate to love and love to hate unless it finds some semblance with you. Yes, the BOSS. Since ages has the term evoked negative sentiments - nagging, dreadful, intimidating, atrocious, wicked, domineering, self-centered, hoity-toity, officious and what not. However, times have changed now. Your relationship with your boss is based more on respect, trust and mutual aspirations with a dash of fear thrown in. You can strike an enduring relation with him if you win him with your dedication and gumption. A shot of humor is always good, and with boss day around the corner, some jokes on all the bosses of the world are certainly called for! Scroll down for some humorous boss jokes.

Funny Boss Day Jokes
A boss is a boss is a boss! He won’t change and neither will you. Hope the boss jokes elevated your mood.