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Do you wish to give your boss a greeting card on Boss's Day? If yes, read on to find great greeting card ideas to brighten your Boss's Day.

Boss's Day Greeting Cards

Boss's Day is an occasion for employees to thank their bosses for being kind and considerate all year through. It is celebrated on 16th October every year, in the United States of America and Canada. This occasion is slowly gaining popularity all over United Kingdom, India and other countries as well. A boss's work is seldom appreciated because he or she often faces difficult situations where he or she needs to be as polite as possible, yet get the work completed by their subordinates. Maintaining that thin line between strictness and leniency is a difficult task and there are times where some employees may get frustrated with their bosses. All this is a part of daily work routine all over the world. To show their gratitude to their bosses, employees wish them and give them greeting cards or gifts on this day. Greeting cards are a better option because they aren't too personal and it's easy for any boss to carry home several greeting cards than tens or hundreds of gifts from their subordinates. The choice of greeting cards depends on your boss's tastes or your level of closeness with him or her. It is good to be formal in a workplace but you can also give humorous cards if you are close to your boss, provided that your boss has a good sense of humor. Unique cards always attract more attention when there are plenty of similar cards wishing a person the same thing. You must genuinely want to thank your boss from the bottom of your heart as celebrating this occasion only because everyone is wishing your boss might impress your boss, but serves you no good.

Greeting Cards For Boss's Day

Photo Greeting Cards
You could have a greeting card with a photo of the entire team having a great time with your boss as the front picture on the card. Such cards will strengthen the bond between a boss and his or her subordinates. Your boss may even keep this photo in his or her office-room to remember happy times. Such cards are also great when the entire team wants to give a greeting card for their boss. Always choose paper and print of superior quality and for this reason it is better to get the card printed at a shop that prints personalized greeting cards than to order such a card online.

Personalized Greeting Cards
Those who are unable to find greeting cards with the right choice of words can choose to compose their own message and get it printed along with a picture of their choice. Such cards have an element of surprise that other cards lack. When your boss removes the greeting card out of its cover, it may appear as any regular greeting card that has been bought off a shelf, but when he or she opens the card it will have a personalized message printed in stylish calligraphic fonts. You can choose to sign your name by hand as this expresses a personal touch rather than getting that printed as well. Handmade greeting cards are also considered as personalized greeting cards. Do not consider this option for Boss's Day unless you are really good at making greeting cards. If you are gifted with this talent, making a pop-up card with several figures resembling everyone in your team is a good idea. Make it in such a way that the picture of all your colleagues pops out and message below reads "Happy Boss's Day!"

Regular Greeting Cards
These include all types of greeting cards that can be bought from any store that sells greeting cards. As we all know, cards can be of different types. Most cards that are given to bosses are very formal considering that bosses are usually comparatively older and giving them cards that they may find offensive can lead to dire consequences; however, this unwritten rule can have exceptions. So, it's best to use your common sense for judging which card would be most appropriate. While choosing cards and gifts, it is better to think from the receiver's perspective than your own point of view.