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In this age of technology it is easier to convey greetings online than in person. Read on to find few reasons why e-cards are better options for Boss's Day than printed cards.

Boss's Day E-cards

E-cards are ideal gifts for Boss's Day because they serve the same purpose of greeting cards, yet they can be sent at your convenience and comfort. Apart from this, they also have many other advantages such as saving paper and print which is very eco-friendly considering the number of cards that are sent worldwide on each occasion. Although there are cards made of recycled paper, they aren't very eco-friendly because this process pollutes the environment and wastes many natural resources. This maybe a better option than cutting more trees to print cards, but it still isn't as "green" as sending e-cards. Another advantage of e-cards is that you can select the card and the message at least one year in advance and set the date that it must be delivered. You can also send the same e-card to several people. Most e-cards available online are free and some of them also have additional services such as a computer generated report that confirms when the receiver views the e-card. Since most e-cards are programmed in 'Macromedia Flash', they give the users several features that are unavailable in standard cards. You can add photos or pictures of your choice, create custom designed animated characters with faces copied from photos, personalized wishes and background music.

Boss'sDay Free Online Cards
Boss's Day cards are available online for free, similar to e-cards for any other occasion. Their content can be inspirational, funny, thankful, etc. We can broadly classify them into different types based on the type of card they are.

Static E-cards
Such cards are similar to normal greeting cards and postcards. They have a static picture along with a message. Such cards may not even have background music and will certainly not have any animations. Although they are very sober, such cards are ideal gifts for senior bosses or those with short temper or a poor sense of humor. Since there aren't many things attractive in such cards, the main focus will be on the message or the picture. In such cases you must choose an elegant picture and a touching message that becomes the principal focus of the card.

Animated E-cards
Animated cards are usually programmed in Macromedia Flash; hence they are also called 'Flash Cards'. Such cards usually have a short animation that may consist of few tens or hundreds of frames of drawings or photos or combinations of both. This is followed by the message entered by the sender along with all necessary details. The card can also have background music which could be set by default or by the sender. One must remember that the computer must have 'Macromedia Flash Player' to be able to view the card. Although most internet browsers have this installed because several other websites also require Flash to open, there exists the probability of your boss not being able to view your card because his/her computer did not have this software installed.

Video E-cards
Video e-cards are similar to animated e-cards, except that the animation is replaced by a video. The website that publishes e-cards will have an option of uploading a video for such cards. You must have the video on your computer or any peripheral storage device connected to your computer. In all probability the button that lets you upload videos will be named, "Browse". Click on this button to search for the video stored on your computer and press "Ok". Your video may take few minutes to be uploaded, be patient and once this is completed, view your e-card to check if it has been uploaded properly.

Multimedia And Face Uploading E-cards
Multimedia e-cards are highly interactive and will require your boss to click on different places on the card to display different messages. Before you choose such a card always check all possible messages to check if there aren't any messages that your boss could find offensive. Face uploading e-cards allow you to upload faces of you and your colleagues and morph them with an animated body. Such cards can be designed to make a funny animation of your entire team wishing your boss on this special day dedicated to him/her.

It is advisable to always "play" or preview the entire card before you send it to your boss so that you don't send him/her any offensive card by mistake. Verify all the details regarding email address, name, etc. You could also select an option that allows you to know when the card has been viewed, but not all free e-card sites have this option.