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To have a wonderful teacher, is surely a blessed gift. Tell her this with your gifts for class teachers on Teacher's Day and make her feel special.

Gift for class Teachers

When you are in school, you are a part of a family with your class teacher playing the prominent roles of mother, friend and guide. On this special occasion of Teacher's Day, you have to make her feel special and happy for all the efforts she has put in to inspire and guide you through the din of everyday learning and education. Depending on your age, you can choose the gift you have to present to your class teachers. Be as creative as possible because your teacher will surely love it and keep it as a noteworthy possession for a long time. When you think of a gift for your teacher, it need not always be costly or out-of-the-box. You may include creative ideas to beautify the gift and make it more demonstrative by telling her how much he/she has shaped your lives. With all the efforts made, reveal to her how lucky you are to have her as your teacher. Scroll further for interesting ideas.

Gift Ideas for class Teacher

A class Tour
If your teacher is someone who likes to travel and enjoys nature, then it would be the best option to organize a class tour. Meet the concerned staff coordinator and seek permission to surprise your teacher. This would be just the perfect option in case he/she is new to the city.

Gift Them a Personalized Stationery Set
Teachers generally find it useful to keep stationery set with them while in the classroom. There are also various options online, so, you can sit at home and take your pick. Gather ideas from the entire class and decide on the items you wish to add in the stationery kit, if you are gifting one for your teacher.

Scrap Book
Make each student write in a sheet of paper as to how his/her teacher has helped them out. express your thanks and also appreciate the efforts of the teacher from each student in the class. Assign students to collect these papers and gather them into a single book. Depending upon your creativity and decorative ideas, you can ornate the book so that it remains as a memorable piece of work forever.

Framed class Photo
Take a class photo and frame it with some cute little wordings written on the frame. This way, the teacher will remember your batch and cherish it forever. It also reveals to the teacher how important she is to her students.

Class Party
When there is a special occasion of celebration in the class, the teacher plans and organizes a party to high standards. Give her a break. It need not always be your teacher who does the planning for you. On the occasion of Teacher's day, surprise your teachers with a class party by arranging and organizing a sweet little class party. Your tutor would really appreciate your efforts and in turn, would feel special as well.

Make a DVD
Discuss in the class and decide how you want your DVD to be presented. In case any of the parents has a video camera, with basic software, you can actually create a movie and copy it onto a DVD. You can record each student's special message for their favorite class teacher and make a snippet or a full coverage. Some random classroom shots taken during any particular events or occasions can be used in the video as well. When your teacher plays the DVD or not, he/she will surely be surprised and will special with this gift.

Gift Basket
Think hard about what your class teacher loves doing and what he/she often talks about. Sit around and discuss her likes/dislikes. For instance, if he/she is into movies or music, get them a basket and place a collection of some of his/her favorites with lots of chocolates in it. If he/she is someone who loves travelling, get them a basket and fill it with books, goggles, also gift vouchers so that he/she can buy appropriate things for herself while traveling.

Class Tree
Your class teacher would appreciate the gift you give him/her as a class, i.e. a class tree. Have your hands placed on paper and cut it in that shape. You may either take a colored paper or color it later when you have cut out the shape. Let every student cut out their own hand shapes and write their names in the center. In a chart paper, make a huge tree and color it with sketch pens. Stick these hands on the branches of the tree and voila! Your class tree is all ready.

On teacher's day, you got to make your teacher feel special and happy. Buckle up, and begin today so that you come up with the perfect memento for your beloved class teachers!