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Nursery school teachers spend their days with their students while their evenings are spent organizing lessons for the coming days. Teacher's Day gifts can show your gratitude. Read on for ideas.

Gift Ideas For Nursery Teachers

As a parent, you must have felt delighted at the way your child is being taken care of in the kindergarten. You surely must have heard good things about the teachers from your child and if you think that they deserve some appreciation for this, Teacher's Day is the perfect day for it. Anything, from a simple handwritten note of appreciation to beautiful presents, can go a long way in expressing your thanks to the teachers. School is second home for the children and the teachers are like their parents out there. You leave your children every day in school inapprehensive of anything as, after home, school is seen as the safest and the best place for a child. With Teacher's Day round the corner, it's high time that you start planning for the best Teacher's Day gift ever! The value of a teacher is unparalleled, and below are some suggestions that can help you decide the perfect Teacher's Day gift.

Teacher's Day Gifts

Cards And Quotes
Simple, traditional and elegant! A card, or even a handwritten quote, can be the best way to thank a teacher. Following are some cute messages that a tiny tot can use for Teacher's Day.
Coffee And Cups
A cup of coffee is the best thing to start a day with. Normally, teachers start early in the morning, so a basket of coffee or tea can be a good choice. Alternatively, you can gift the teacher a gift coupon to a coffee shop. If you plan to gift a jar of coffee, you may accompany it with a clay cup or a travel mug bearing a teacher quote or a small flask that can be easily carried.

Cookies, Cupcakes Or Berries
Some homemade cookies or cupcakes with a small note of thanks are inexpensive and lovely gifts. These would show that you really appreciate the teacher and that he or she deserves the efforts that go in preparing the sweets. A basket full of berries is also a good idea.

Gift Certificates
This is one of the best ways of treating a teacher. Gift certificates and coupons for movie rentals, spa treatments, restaurant discount coupons or even gift cards to amusement parks can be wonderful for the teacher. For anyone, these would serve as ideal weekend timeouts.

Scented Candles
Nothing is more mesmerizing than a scented candle. If you feel that a spa gift card is a little too expensive, you can always replace it with scented candles. They are refreshing and soothing and can help relax the teacher after long hours of school work.

Teacher's Day Flowers
Flowers are adorable and teachers would love them. A beautiful bunch of flowers says it all! Flowers such as tulips, roses, orchids, daises and iris, assembled neatly into pretty vases or potted together can be spectacular. You may pick from one or two different kinds and gather them for maximum effect. Or, if you choose, you can bring together multi-colored flowers of the same type. Flowers are gorgeous in any manner you present them.

Miscellaneous Gifts
Above are some basic gift items which you can consider on a Teacher's Day. However, there are lots of other ideas as well. Supplies, handwash dispensers, paint canvases, paintings of the student, chocolates, diaries, planners, teacher treat jars are just some ideas. Photographs of the teacher and children, with quotes like "you will be cherished in our hearts", "the best moments with the best teacher" or "everything seems bright and sunny with you" can boost a teacher's pride. Also, you can get your children to write the things they like the most about their favorite teachers and gift the same to the teachers. At the end of the list, you may include you own feeling of appreciation and honor towards the teachers. You are sure to receive an overwhelming response. After all, a gift should be from your heart not from your wallet!

Be it expensive or low-priced, big or small, the value of a gift never falls. It is certainly a tall task for teachers to take care of nursery and day school children and educate them at the same time. education is not limited to teaching alphabets, numbers or rhymes; it also encompasses behavior, etiquettes and mannerisms. Handling little kids, running around and playing with them, demands lot of energy and patience. Therefore, take every chance that you get to acknowledge these teachers' hard work and diligence, and if possible reward them too.