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express your appreciation for the teachers who have made school a wonderful place. Here are some unique gift ideas for school teachers.

Gift Ideas For School Teachers

Teachers themselves are gifts from heaven, aren't they? Do you feel urged to tell your teacher how much you love him or her? A gift can be the best way of expressing your feelings for your teacher. What job exceeds the job of imparting knowledge selflessly? A teacher is the guide, the mentor and the only other person you can think as equivalent to your parents, which is why nearly 100 countries across the world celebrate World's Teacher's Day on 5th October. In India, Teacher's day is celebrated on 5th September to commemorate Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was a great scholar and a staunch advocate of education and, eventually became the President of India in 1962. The world has seen many great scholars and influential people such as famous scientists, philosophers, novelists, poets, all most of them were teachers. Take for instance, Aristotle. Centuries have passed since Aristotle's death but he is still being remembered and honored as one of the greatest teachers the world has ever seen. Your teacher might not be the "famous one", yet his/her contribution to education is incomparable in its own way.

Personalized Gifts
Homemade Gifts
educational Help
Classroom supplies, that aid teaching, can make for great Teacher's Day gifts. Take some books, educational games, video tapes, paper rolls, markers, etc. and tastefully decorate a box to hold these supplies and voila! Your classroom hamper is complete. Such a gift will show your concern not only for the teacher but also your knowledge and attention towards the needs of your classroom.

Varied Gift Choices
The ideas for gifts are endless. You can always think 'out of the box' and come up with new gift ideas. If you are prepared to spend a bit in buying a gift, your choices are manifold. Gift certificates of any kind or even surprise parties in honour of your teachers are some ideas that can be considered.

More than the expenditure on the gifts, your teachers look for the thought with which the gifts have been offered. even the simplest and the most inexpensive gifts can be touching whereas the most lavish gifts can be unappealing. It is prudent to devote some time in deciding on a teacher's gift which will not only bring you closer to your teacher but also, make you feel joyful and satisfied.