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Tibetan New Year's Eve soup with dumplings is a traditional preparation on Losar. Explore the article to know the recipe of how to make guthuk.

Tibetan New Year's Eve Soup With Dumplings

Tibetan New Year's Eve soup, known as guthuk in Tibetan language, is an authentic recipe served on Losar, the Tibetan New Year. The dumplings added to the soup are not those traditional dumplings that you will want to eat. They have been stuffed with nine different fortune symbols that will predict the person's fortune in the coming year. These symbols are sugar cube, charcoal, wool string, wood, bean, paper, pebble, chili pepper and cotton ball. Wool is considered to signify good-heartedness, while charcoal denotes meanness. These dumplings are not eaten, but discarded after the fortune is revealed. Learn how to make this traditional Tibetan soup by going through the lines below.

How To Make Guthuk


For the Soup
For Dumplings
Fortune Symbols to add to the Dumplings
Instructions for Soup
Instructions for Dumplings