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Various traditional recipes are made to commemorate the festival of Losar. Explore this article to know all about Tibetan New Year food.

Losar Recipes

Losar is the Tibetan New Year that falls on the first day of the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar. Though it is celebrated on the first 15 days of the first Tibetan month, the first three days are considered to be utmost important. The literal meaning of Losar is 'new year', which is derived from two Tibetan words 'lo' signifying 'year/age' and 'sar' denoting 'new/fresh'. The Tibetan New Year is the most significant festival for the Buddhist community residing in Tibet. Today, this festival is celebrated throughout the world by all Tibetan Buddhists. Apart from Tibet, this festival is also celebrated in Bhutan, India and Nepal.

Losar celebrations are marked by religious ceremonies, performing prayers, donating clothes and food and preparing delicious traditional delicacies. Homes are cleaned and white-washed. Prayer flags are hoisted and people wear new clothes. They offer prayers at the local monasteries and seek blessings. Since it is festive time, food just cannot be left behind. Families and friends get together for a reunion dinner, which consists of Tibetan traditional delicacies. This article provides some such scrumptious dishes for you to prepare on this festive occasion of Losar. Read on further to find them.

Recipes For Tibetan New Year

Tibetan Potato Curry (Xiangzhai)
Tibetan potato curry, known as Xiangzhai in Tibetan language, is one of the traditional delicacies prepared on Losar. This dish is consumed on the evening of the first day of Losar. Read on to find the recipe of making Tibetan potato curry.

Rice and Potato Stew (Droma)
Rice and potato stew, known as Droma in Tibetan language, is one delicacy that is commonly made on Losar. This preparation is a combination of sweet and oil. Learn how to make rice and potato stew by glancing through this section.

Sweet Saffron Rice (Dresi)
Also known as dresi, sweet saffron rice is a traditional Tibetan dessert prepared on weddings and New Year. It is a sweet buttered rice preparation garnished with dry fruits and flavored with saffron to give it a brilliant yellow color.

Kapse Fritters
Losar is a time to cheer, greet, pray and seek blessings. Numerous delicacies are made to commemorate the Tibetan New Year. To accompany the savories, mouth-watering and luscious kapse fritters are made. They are fried breads made in different shapes and forms.

Tibetan New Year's Eve Soup with Dumplings (Guthuk)
Tibetan New Year's Eve soup, known as guthuk in Tibetan language, is an authentic recipe served on Losar, the Tibetan New Year. The dumplings added to the soup are not those traditional dumplings that you will want to eat. They have been stuffed with nine different fortune symbols that will predict the person's fortune eating it in the coming year.