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Rice and potato stew (Droma) is a sweet and oily preparation for Losar. Explore the article to know the recipe of how to make rice and potato stew.

Rice And Potato Stew

Losar is celebrated from the first to the third day of the first month of the Tibetan lunar calendar. This festival marks the Tibetan New Year and usually falls in the month of February according to the Gregorian calendar. Preparations for the festival begin almost a month in advance. People clean their homes and plant gingko barley seeds. On New Year, these seedlings are placed on the family shrine representing hopes for abundant harvest in the upcoming year. They even visit local monasteries, recite prayers and seek blessings from their Rinpoches. Back home, a variety of scrumptious dishes are prepared in the honor of this occasion. Rice and potato stew, known as Droma in Tibetan language, is one such delicacy that is commonly made on Losar. This preparation is a combination of sweet and oil. Learn how to make rice and potato stew by glancing through the following lines.

How To Make Droma