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Shrikhand (sweet golden yogurt) is prepared for Janmashtami. Check out the article to get the recipe of Shrikhand and know how to make it.


Janmashtami is celebrated with fun and fervor by Hindus all over India. The birth of Lord Krishna, one of the favorite deities of people following Hinduism, is marked by a number of colorful rituals. Cultural programs depicting the birth of Lord Krishna are organized by various committees. It is also a glorious occasion to relish on mouth watering delicacies. A variety of sweets are prepared, which are specialty of Janmashtami. Shrikhand is one such melt-in-the-mouth sweet. It is also known as sweet golden yogurt mainly because of its rich color. Go through the following lines to get an easy recipe of shrikhand (also known as sweet golden yogurt).

Shrikhand Recipe