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Janmashtami is celebrated by Hindus across many countries of the world. Know about the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami around the world.

Janmashtami Around The World

Janmashtami is one of the most important Hindu festivals, celebrated with pomp and gaiety by Hindus all over India. The festival marks the birth of Lord Krishna. Apart from India, the Hindus residing in other countries also celebrate the festival with equal enthusiasm. Initially, in foreign countries, the culture centric festivals like Janmashtami were celebrated on a very small scale with limited number of cultural programs. Over the passing years, different groups and religious communities are coming up in foreign countries to solemnize and enjoy the Hindu festivals in a great way. Whether it is USA, Canada, Nepal or Malaysia, Lord Krishna is invoked everywhere on Janmashtami. Go through the following lines to know more about the celebration of Janmashtami around the world.

Janmashtami Celebrations Around The World

Janmashtami In India
In India, Janmashtami is celebrated with fun and fervor. The festivities extend to six days or a week in some of the famous Lord Krishna temples located in Mathura and Vrindavan. People observe fast (either nirjal or phalahar) during the day time and break it at the midnight stroke of the eighth day of Savana month, when Lord Krishna was born. Cultural programs are organized by various committees. Sri Krishna Raslila, the dance drama depicting the important phases of the deity's life, is one of the highlights of the cultural programs. Mouthwatering sweets made of milk and milk products are served during the festival.

Janmashtami In USA
Since USA is home to a commendable population of Indians, important Indian festivals are solemnized with great enthusiasm. Krishna Janmashtami is a grand affair in the country. The celebrations start early in the morning. Like in India, the idol of baby Krishna is put in a cradle and conches are blown in the midnight, to honor the birth of the deity. During the daytime, people enjoy the festival by feasting. They visit the nearest temple to offer prayers to Lord Krishna. Colorful events and cultural programs are organized in the daytime, to commemorate the birth of Lord Krishna. The celebrations of Janmashtami in New York, Massachusetts, Orlando and California are worth watching.

Janmashtami In Nepal
Being the only Hindu kingdom in the world, Nepal is well known for the celebrations of Hindu festivals. A number of followers of Lord Krishna are residing in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. On the festival, a congregation of devotees offers prayers in the ancient Krishna temple located in old Patan Durbar Square, to honor the birth of Lord Krishna. The name of the deity is chanted. According to a customs, the devotees offer flowers, food and coins to Lord Krishna. The temple is filled with festivity and the rhythmic sound of mantras and songs that praise Lord Krishna, one of the favorite deities of Hindus.

Janmashtami In Canada
Janmashtami in Canada, especially Toronto, is recognized worldwide. The Indian community living in the country rejoices the birth of Lord Krishna with fun and fervor. The Hindu temple located in Richmond Hill organizes various cultural programs to commemorate the auspicious occasion. The air is filled with festivity and the sound of prayers and chanting of mantras. It is a day long affair in Canada and an important day for the Indian residents to meet and interact with other people of the community. The temple society organizes colorful programs, one of the prominent being musical concerts that promotes Janmashtami in Canada. The concert ensures maximum footfall of Indians living in Canada.

Janmashtami In France
In France, preparations for Janmashtami begin a couple of days prior to the festival. Located markets are flooded with decorating items that are used as embellishments for the local Hindu temples. Since a large chunk of Indian population is living in Paris, the capital city of France, Janmashtami celebrations in the city is worth watching. There, people visit temples to offer prayers to Lord Krishna. The merrymaking begins in the evening and continues until midnight. At midnight stroke, the baby idol of Lord Krishna is given a ceremonious bath with Gangajal (pure water of River Ganga), which is especially transported from India for the festival. After worshipping the deity, people relish on lip smacking delicacies that are prepared as prasad.

Janmashtami In Singapore
A land of diverse cultures, Singapore is known for its appreciation for the Hindu festivals celebrated by Indians. Seragoon Road is the busiest street during Janmashtami, when the shops that sell baby Krishna idols and other puja items are adorned with lots of decorations. Religious processions are carried out to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple located at Chander Road, Singapore, is well known for the celebrations of Janmashtami. The maximum number of Hindu population can be seen at the temple, during the festival. The 'Krishna Chanting competition' is one of the unique features of the celebrations of Janmashtami in Singapore.

Janmashtami In Malaysia
Although Malaysia is predominantly a Muslim country, a commendable population of Indian Hindus resides in the country. The celebration of the festival is at its peak at the Lord Krishna Temple in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Janmashtami is a day-long affair in the capital city, where maximum people of the Indian community gathers to take part in the merrymaking. A number of rituals that are followed in India can be seen in the city. There, the baby idol of Sri Krishna is given a holy bath in the midnight of Janmashtami. Thereafter, food offerings made to Lord Krishna (Prasad) are distributed among the devotees. The temple resounds with the chanting of mantras.