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Arranging party games on grandparent's day is fun as they bring out the child in them. Want to know some interesting party games for them? Read on.

Grandparents Day Party Games

Having grandparents is like having angels you can rely on to bail you out of tricky situations while you get caught on the wrong foot. This is very evident from the fact that with grandma and grandpa around, discipline and decorum just go for a toss, and parents can do little except for helplessly watching the scene. That is how grandparents are - they hold your tiny hands and stand by you in every step you take as you grow up. They babysit you and watch you instead of watching the television. Grandparents occupy a special space in your hearts that you know none can ever fill. Grandparent's day is a glorious occasion to let them know the importance they hold in your lives and how much you love them and look up to them despite the generation gap. It is a time when all the family members including parents, far and near cousins, aunts, uncles and other acquaintances get together to celebrate the day with the oldest members of the family. Grandparents may be old on the outside but are young on the inside. Why not arrange for some interesting party games to rev it up for all present? Make the day really memorable as you organize some of the grandparents' day party games from the list given below.

Games For Grandparents Day Party

Laugh Out Loudly
This is an interesting game that can be played by the old and young alike and it is extremely hilarious to watch people playing them. Even though it looks simple, it can get really interesting as it progresses. In this game, the players are asked to sit in a circle facing each other. A player opens the game by saying "Ha". The one sitting next to him follows the game by saying "Ha! Ha!" and the third one says "Ha! Ha! Ha!" and so on. It continues like this till a player breaks the continuity and gets eliminated on losing track of the number of "Ha's"! You can appoint a referee to keep count of the "Ha's"

Spoon Race
Another popular grandparents' day game is spoon race. You will need some spoons and peas to play it. First ask your grandparents and then the other party members to race with a spoonful of peas. The players must walk carefully so that the peas do not drop from the spoon till they reach the other end. The one who races to first and reaches the other end of the hall is declared the winner only if his/her spoon is still full with green peas. Let your granny and grandpa have fun as they compete with each other and see who is declared the winner.

Newspaper Costume Parade
This can be an exciting game to play on grandparent's day as it can also get the kids involved and collectively show their creative streak. You will need to gather a few sheets of newspaper, a pair of scissors and sellotape. The guests, including the children and grandparents, are divided into teams with two players in each team which is supplied with the materials. You stipulate a time for them within which each team has to create an outfit out of the newspaper. A hat, a top and pants together comprises the outfit. Once the time is over, one of the party members who is not participating adjudges the best costume and hands out a prize for the one that is most creatively done.

Pick The Ping Pong Balls
This is a very simple game that can add oodles of colorful fun to your grandparent's day party celebrations. Collect ping pong balls of different colors and throw them all around the party hall. Make teams with two players each, preferably a grandparent and the child, and ask them to gather as many balls as they can and put them into two a bucket within a set time limit. All teams play their turn one by one and the team that collects the maximum ping pong balls wins.

Organize these games in your party and egg your grandparents on by pumping their enthusiasm as they play the game. The celebrations will surely be made memorable if you get everyone to participate in them.