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The general festivals of India are as important as the religious ones. Go through our section and know all about the general festivals of India.

General Festivals

Mother's Day
Festivals are the momentous occasions that display the rituals of diverse religions. In the land of rich heritage and history - India - festivals are celebrated with great gusto. Most of the festivals are truly religious, while certain occasions have cleared all the barriers of cast and creed. Known as general festivals, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, New Year, Halloween and Thanksgiving have emerged as the occasions with transnational importance. Since people in India are known for their easy adaptability to western cultures, the general festivals have secured prominence in the Indian calendar of events.

The general festivals have been solemnized as auspicious days in India. During such occasions, people would spend the time by exchanging gifts with their loved ones, feasting, family gatherings and friend's reunion - the traditions, all of which are adapted from the Westerners. Out of the occasions, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day have stood as prominent festivals, over the passing years. Thanksgiving and Halloween still have to go a long way in securing importance as a prominent festival of India. New Year eve is just like a carnival in India, similar to what is seen in other parts of the world.

Mother's Day is celebrated every year, on the second Sunday of May. The festival, which honors motherhood, is celebrated with great enthusiasm across many parts of India. Valentine's Day has evolved as the most popular festival, adapted from the western world. Although Thanksgiving is not so popular in India, it is celebrated as harvest festival, which bears close resemblance to it. Halloween is a hit theme at night parties and as a festival, it is celebrated in many parts of the country. Although Father's Day is not as popular as Mother's Day, it is also observed with fervor, in India. Read all about the general festivals of India in our related section.