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You can enrich your Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations with the easy recipe of Karanji. Read on to know how to make Karanji.


Ganesh Chaturthi is a very popular festival, which is celebrated all over India, over a period of ten days. The celebration includes fasting, feasting and distribution Prasad (sweets offered to Lord Ganesha). Karanji is one of the special recipes for Ganesh Chaturthi. It is very easy to cook and great to eat. Go ahead and enjoy the occasion by preparing delicious Karanji and soaking yourself completely in the festive spirit. The recipe given below will provide you with details on the ingredients required as well as the method of preparation.

Karanji Recipe


In a bowl mix salt, flour and ghee. Rub in well. Gradually add water and knead to form firm dough. Cover with wet cloth and set aside.

For Stuffing
Cook the coconut (use fresh or dried), sugar, milk, chopped almonds and raisins, cardamom powder, and poppy seeds (optional) till the milk evaporate.

The Rest