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For most people, after moms, dads matter most, or simple vice-versa. Make your move to read on to discover for yourself a handful of popular quotes on fathers.

Quotes About Dad

There never has been one kid in this world who never thought his or her dad wasn't the best, wasn't the strongest or wasn't the mightiest. For when it comes to kids and dads, each kid's dad is the best and only that much better than the rest. Sadly, as the kid grows into a fine young man or beautiful young woman, the dad seems to get a lot weaker and maybe even less deserving of respect and love. A sad situation, don't you think, when a kid who thought of his dad as the mightiest man in the world begins to believe that his dad knows nothing at all. Despondently, this is the truth because the age of a kid just happens to be inversely proportionate to the amount of respect dished out to dad. It doesn't need to be this way, for each and every dad is worth tons and tons of respect. Here's presenting a bucketful of quotes which will only help you respect your dad so much more than you already are!

Popular Quotes On Fathers
There you go; quotes on dad that only help make your dad seem that much more precious to you. His presence in your life after all is the one thing that you really can't thank the heavens enough for!