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Bandaru Ladoo is a famous sweet dish of Andhra Pradesh. Read the recipe given below to know the how to make bandaru laddu at home.

Bandaru Ladoo

Bandaru Ladoo
The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated across the country of India. Being the harvest festival that it is, how can its celebrations be complete without delicious and mouth watering food. In fact, on this day, lots of cooking takes place and delicious food is served. Bandaru ladoo is one of those mouth watering dishes which are made on this day. It is a famous sweet dish of Andhra, the mere mention of which is enough to make one crave for it. This dish is particularly made on the festival of Makar Sankranti. Below, we have given the recipe of Bandaru ladoo, for you to know how to make it.

Bandaru Laddu Recipe

Note: There is simple and easy way of doing it (provided there is no connoisseur in the family) for those who do not have the muruku press or time and patience. Powder sugar in a blender, fry 'senaga pindi' lightly in 2 tbs of ghee and mix them along with the roasted cashew nuts and cardamom powder. Add a little more ghee for consistency while making the laddus.