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The holy festival of Bakra Eid calls for scrumptious traditional food. Find out the different recipes prepared on the occasion of Eid al-Adha.

Bakra Eid Recipes

The festival of sacrifice, better known as Bakra Eid or Eid al-Adha, is celebrated after the Hajj is performed in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. The three-day festival is observed by all the Muslims residing across the globe. This festival commemorates Prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son at the command of God. His obedience towards God is celebrated with great fervor, vigor and magnificence on the 10th day of the Islamic calendar and continues till the 12th day. A domestic animal is sacrificed on any of the three days through proper slaughtering. Hence, feasting and partying form the main attractions of the day.

Muslims indulge in preparing for the festival days before it actually arrives, as the appearance of moon is predicted 10 days earlier. New apparels are purchased, houses are cleaned, lighted and decorated and exotic and traditional delicacies and sweets are prepared. The food mainly consists of meat, since it is time for slaughtering domestic animals. Given here are some appetizing and luxurious dishes to prepare on Bakra Eid. Easy and simple to prepare, these dishes can make your festive atmosphere even more special. Go ahead with preparing them and give your family and friends a delectable treat to feast on.

Recipes For Eid al-Adha

Mutton Biryani
One such popular recipe that is most often cooked on special occasions is the mutton biryani. Not only tasty and yummy, it leaves the guests and other acquaintances licking their fingers. Find the recipe for making mutton biryani in this section.

Lamb Korma
Korma is a mild, creamy curry prepared by marinating the main ingredient in yogurt, spices, nuts and others. Cooked in its own marinade along with other gravy contents, it makes an appetizing and succulent dish, simply right for the festive season. Here, we have provided you with preparing lamb korma on this occasion of Bakra Eid.

Shami Kebab
Shami kebabs are burger like patties that can be served as a starter or snack. Though the recipe looks complicated, it is pretty simple to make. Learn how to make shami kebabs by following the recipe given herein. Enjoy their delicate and special flavor!

Beef Korma
Beef korma is a common and popular dish prepared in homes, where a cow is slaughtered on this occasion. The outcome is a delicious beef korma!

Bheja Fry
Bheja fry or brain masala is one popular and mouth-watering dish cooked on Bakra Eid. While slaughtering, the brain of the animal so slaughtered is removed and cooked to make a delicious preparation known as bheja fry.

Nehari is one of the many recipes that are largely prepared on Bakrid. Originally from Delhi, nehari has become famous across the world with more and more people learning the recipe.

Mutton Kaleji
Mutton kaleji is a North Indian damp curry stir-fry delicacy. The mutton liver can be replaced with calf, lamb, chicken or buffalo liver also. Follow the instructions given below for making mutton liver (kaleji).

Balti Gosht
Delicious, mouth-watering and succulent, balti gosht or pot roasted meat, undoubtedly, makes one of the most popular choices for main course dish on Bakra Eid. It is cooked and served in a balti or karahi.

Kadhai Gosht
For those looking for a spicy and flavorful delicacy, kadhai gosht is just the right one for you. It is a meat preparation marinated in a thick curry paste and fried to get a thick, dry-like savory. A perfect dish for a special occasion, especially Bakra Eid!

Kofta Curry
Kofta curry is one dish that is not to be missed on this festival. Koftas are meatballs cooked in traditional and delicious spicy gravy. They are served with either steamed rice or hot rotis.