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Given here are tips for flirting with women and girls. This should solve your question of how to flirt with a woman.

How to Flirt With a Woman

Flirting is an art. Not everyone can do it the right way, though all of them try! Women are not as flirtatious as men. So, if you are thinking that a cute chick will come up to you and say, "Hey, you are cute. Want to have coffee with me?"; I am sorry, but the chances are very slim. It is important for you to understand that flirting is all about interest and a man should never flirt with a woman that he doesn't want to get to know a little more. Remember, flirting with women should be done with much caution. You wouldn't want to send wrong signals and reach home with more than just a broken heart! In the following lines, we bring you some tried and tested tips for flirting with girls.

Flirting With Women

Grab the Chance
Next time you see that gorgeous woman in the party standing at a corner, don't shy away. Nothing will happen if you sit back and wait for someone else to flirt with her. Grab the chance. A little flirting never hurts anyone!

Eye Contact
Eye contact is very essential if you want to connect on a subtle, non-verbal manner. But it does not mean you stare at her like a hungry wolf eyeing its prey! Playfully looking at someone in the eyes is very gripping and it compels them to look back at you. Please don't look like you are trying to remember whether you switched off the gas or not! The "question mark" look is very confusing and a strict no-no.

Show Genuine Interest
Pay genuine attention to her. Nothing compares with showing genuine interest in a woman. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. Girls love it when someone shows a true interest in what they are doing. Not only would she be reciprocating, but who knows you might as well get a chance to ask her out!

Flatter By All Means
A great way to get a woman to show interest in you is by compliments that are flattering to her. A little bit of flattering is not going to harm you in any way! But make it a point that it is genuine. Flatter her by simply saying how gorgeous she looks and not by comparing her with stars, moon and other galactic objects! Women can easily detect if a compliment is fake and you wouldn't want to hear negative remark instead of a generous "Thank You"!

Have Fun
Don't be tensed. Just relax and have fun. After all, flirting is about having fun. It is easier to get her to roll along if you have fun. Don't get too carried away by the whole issue of flirting. Just keep it real and light. You are flirting with a woman, not trying to hunt down terrorists after all!

No matter how well you are dressed, how shiny your shoes are, your perfect look is never complete without that million-dollar smile. A smile can go a long way to establish a good impression about you. It also improves your face value! You unconsciously send a message that you are interested in that woman and would like to know her better. And it is always better to know what she feels through non-verbal communication before you actually set to flirt with her. The smile should be subtle yet visible and definitely not a smirk.