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Given here are popular and romantic top 10 pick up lines.

Top 10 Pick Up Lines

Ask any man/ woman and he/ she will swear that pick up lines aren't quite the best way to start a conversation, thanks to the ever-so dead and dull nature of the sentences. But hey, it has to start somewhere, somehow. Did you know pick up lines, if strategically selected and impressively delivered, can go a long way in creating a striking image of the speaker in the minds of the receiver? They are the best ways to get started and strike a conversation. They come handy when you have tried every trick in the book and still failed to pick up a date. And it is all the more important to use proper romantic pick up lines in case you want to really impress someone.

Romantic pick up lines make a wonderful effect on people who you are hoping to attract, provided you use it in the right context and at the right time. To solve all your problems, we bring you some romantic pick up lines just to get the conversation started off. Both, men and women can use these lines. With these romantic pick up lines you sure can steal anyone's heart and make it yours. Though most of these popular pick up lines may sound cliché, somehow they tend to work! Use these romantic pick up lines to be her knight in shining armor or her dream boy. Check out the top 10 pick up lines listed here.

Popular Pick Up Lines
So, choose your favorite pick up lines from these. Better still, you can come up with something original and use it. Just don't make any kind of sexual references. No one likes to be seen as an object for a one-night fling. Happy flirting!!