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Looking for some unique and better ways to convey your best wishes of Kali Puja to your loved ones? Read the following article for some ideas.

Kali Puja Greetings

Kali Puja is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in West Bengal and neighboring states. Kali Puja is dedicated to Hindu goddess Kali which is associated with eternal energy. Some devotees also consider her the goddess of time and change. Medieval Bengali devotional literature placed Kali as the central figure in Bengali tradition. Kali Puja entered Bengali culture in 18th century and became prominent all over the Bengal due to grand scale celebrations organized by wealthy landowners. Generally observed in the month of October or November, Kali Puja coincides with Diwali festival. During this occasion, devotees worship the clay idols of goddess Kali and give offerings to her. Generally, devotees perform tantric rituals and mantras while worshipping, however some prefer to practice rites in brahamanical tradition. A number of magic shows, theatre and fireworks are held on this occasion.

On the day of Kali Puja, people give best wishes to their family members and friends. They send messages and greetings cards wishing them prosperity and good luck. Sending greeting card is an easy and effective way of conveying your warm wishes to your loved ones. Being a popular festive occasion, a large number of greeting cards devoted to Kali Puja and goddess Kali can be seen in shops. Nowadays there are different ways available to send greetings to your dear folks. Apart from greetings, you have the option of sending e-cards on this special occasion of Kali Puja. Here are listed various ways of sending your best wishes to your relatives and friends.

Kali Puja Greetings Cards
These days, there are large number of gift galleries and shops that offer wide varieties of greeting cards on festivals like Kali Puja. While the traditional medium-sized greeting cards are still popular with people, you can also avail the option of selecting musical greeting cards. Then there are greetings cards available with different shapes and sizes, including the oversized and undersized greeting cards.

Homemade Greeting Cards
If you are not interested in spending your money over commercial greeting cards available in the market, you have a better choice. You can create some of your own homemade greeting cards for this special occasion of Kali Puja. Homemade cards are a great way to convey your wishes to your loved ones. The effort and hard work that goes into the preparation of the card makes it extra special.

Simple E-Cards
With the increasing popularity of internet services, people have the additional choice of sending extremely creative and pleasing Kali Puja greeting cards in the form of e-cards. E-cards are not only the quickest way of sending greetings, but also convey the wishes in a very attractive manner. Some of the websites offer free e-card services where you can send wishes of Kali Puja to your loved ones without spending a penny.

Personalized E-Cards
In other options available at internet, you can create your own personalized Kali Puja e-cards and send them in the form of animation or normal post card format. You can also choose to take print outs of these attractive e-cards and deliver them to your friends and relatives.