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Read the following article to get a list of popular Kali Puja songs that you can listen and enjoy on the special occasion of Kali Puja.

Kali Puja Songs

Kali Puja is a popular Hindu festival celebrated in Bengal and other parts of the country. Also known as Shyama Puja, it is dedicated to Hindu goddess Kali and falls on the new moon day of Hindu month Ashwin. Generally Kali Puja coincides with Lakshmi Puja which is celebrated across the country. Historically, Kali Puja is not ancient like other festivals and was introduced in Bengal in 18th century and gained religious significance in 19th century. Patronized by the wealthy landowner of the elite Bengali society, Kali Puja soon became the second biggest goddess festival in Bengal, after Durga Puja. The devotees of Kali worship the idol of the goddess in their homes. The traditional rites of worshipping Kali include tantric customs and mantras. However, some homes also practice brahmanical traditions. A number of magic shows, theatre and fireworks take place in different parts of the city during this occasion. Devotees can be seen singing popular Kali Puja songs. If you too want to revel in the spirit of the festivity and are looking for some traditional songs to play at home during Kali puja, the following section would help you. Below have been mentioned a list of popular Kali Puja songs.

Popular Kali Puja Songs