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'A Hanukkah Treasury' by Eric A Kimmel is a famous Hanukah book for kids.

Hanukkah Treasury

Hanukkah is the Jewish festival of lights, which starts from the Hebrew date of the 25th of Kislev and continues for eight days, through the second of Tevet. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Maccabees, which was led by Judah over the Hellenistic Syrians. The historical revolt took place around 165 BC. There are several books that speak about the history and traditions associated with Hanukkah. These books are of great value both to children and grown-ups, as they furnish all relevant details related to the festival. Especially to the children, these books serve as the main medium of instruction and education regarding its importance. One such book is Eric A Kimmel’s 'A Hanukkah Treasury', a well known Hanukkah book for kids.

The book abounds in the history and flavor of the Jewish holiday. It is rightly called a ‘treasury’, as it enriches the reader with a variety of knowledge. The book is wider in its approach, in the sense that it contains much more than just the history and traditions of the festival. It contains the familiar Hanukkah legends and even the contemporary stories related to it, thus arresting the attention of any type of reader. Along with that, it even contains a collection of poems. Besides, one also finds the recipes for several delicious dishes, incorporated into the book. 'A Hanukkah Treasury' also provides fabulous ideas for preparing feast for this important day of celebration and victory. Kids love the book for the collection of various games that it possesses.

'A Hanukkah Treasury' has been beautifully illustrated by Emily Lisker. It is a fabulous reservoir of Hanukkah stories, legends and cultural lore. The writer, Eric A Kimmel, brings out his distinct style in this book. It is so vivid and pictorial in its presentation that it is liked by all the readers, irrespective of their religion. One can easily visualize the festival through the words and phrases used therein. Even those who are not well acquainted with the festival will find many surprising and unknown facts about it, through this book. To sum it all up, ‘A Hanukah Treasury’ is a must read for everyone.