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Parsava Ekadashi vrat is associated with King Bali. Glance through the article to know the story of Parivartini Ekadashi story & how to observe it.

Parsava Ekadashi Vrat

Observed in the month of Bhadrapad as per the traditional Hindu calendar, Parsava Ekadashi falls during the waxing phase of the moon (Shukla Paksha). This date corresponds in the month of August or September according to the Gregorian calendar. Also referred to as Parivartini, Vamana, Jaljhilini, Zilani and Jayanti Ekadashi, this occurs during the Dakshinayana Punyakalam (night time of Gods). The Hindu devotees also believe that Lord Vishnu had changed his position of sleep on this day - from left side to right side. Hence, this Ekadashi is also called Parsva Parivartini Ekadashi. The story of this Ekadashi revolves around the legendary King Bali. Find out more on the story in the following lines. Also read how to observe the Parsava Ekadashi vrat.

How To Observe Parivartini Ekadashi Vrat
Legend has it that King Bali was renowned for this justice, compassion and honesty all around. Hence, his kingdom prospered highly. Though Bali was born into a family of demons, he proved them wrong by growing up to become a fervent follower of Lord Vishnu. As a result, the king's glory and power made the lord of Demi Gods, Indra, very weak. Eventually, Bali threw Indra out of his kingdom. Indra then left for the heavenly abode and found refuge in the feet of Lord Vishnu. Disguised as a dwarf Brahmin, Vamana, Lord Vishnu visited the palace of King Bali. Here, the king had conducted a huge Yagna and was distributing gifts and alms to the gathered people.

Young Vamana too utilized this opportunity and went ahead to ask for three steps of land. However, the king thought that three steps of land was too little to ask for and requested him to ask for something else. However, Vamana stood by his word and wanted only three steps of land. Hopeless, King Bali agreed to allocate him the land wherever the Brahmin wishes. To everyone's surprise, Lord Vamana suddenly appeared in the form of a giant that his face could no longer be seen. He measured heaven with his first step and the earth with the second step leaving no space for the third.

Unable to stand by his words, King Bali bowed down and offered his head for the third step. Thus, Lord Vamana pushed the king to death. On viewing the king's extreme devotion and loyalty, Lord Vishnu promised to live alongside the king thereafter. The Hindu devotees still believe that Lord Vishnu resides in the home of King Bali disguised as Vamana. People observing a fast on Parsava Ekadashi should refrain from eating foods made from rice, grains and beans. Usually, people prefer to observe a partial fast while some opt fro a complete vrat as well.