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Wish your loved ones on Republic Day with the help of cards. Find ideas for sending greeting cards on Republic Day in this article.

Republic Day Cards

Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January every year to commemorate the conversion of India as a sovereign, democratic and republic state and the enforcement of the Indian Constitution. This national holiday is celebrated with much solemnity and enthusiasm throughout the nation. Flag hoisting ceremonies, colorful parades, drills, cultural functions, patriotic speeches and songs form the main highlights of the day. Sending greeting cards is another activity that people commonly engage in to show their love and respect for the motherland. In case you are looking for some greeting card ideas for sending to your loved ones this Republic Day, this article is the right stop. Browse through the lines to find some ideas for sending cards.

Republic Day Greetings Cards

Card Galleries
Come Republic Day and the shops are filled with a large variety of Republic Day cards. Hit one of the stores to find some meaningful cards that depict patriotism and brotherhood. Your loved ones will be surely delighted to possess a piece of patriotism towards their motherland. Personalize the card by writing a personal message or quote pertaining to the holiday.

For a quicker process, e-cards are the best bet. Inexpensive and convenient, they enable you to send numerous cards at the click of a mouse. Surf through different sites to find a perfect card for the occasion and send them to all your acquaintances. However, e-cards can only be sent to those who are net-savvy and those who check their mails on a regular basis. Hence, make sure that your card recipients would be checking their mail soon.

Homemade Cards
Homemade cards express genuine and sincere wishes no matter on which occasion you are sending them. To make Republic Day even more special, roll up your sleeves and get set to make some creative and lovely cards at home. Use different card papers, colors and glitter to decorate the cards. The recipient will treasure the card for the time and effort you have put in to create the card.

Business Cards
In case you are planning to send Republic Day cards to business associates, cards designed especially for business purposes would be a good choice. They are made more formal and elegant and contain a nice piece of lines specific to the occasion. These can be sent to corporate employees, business associates and other business acquaintances.