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Sheer Korma is a highly favored sweet dish in South-Asian countries. Read the article to know the recipe of this delicious Eid ul Fitr recipe.

Sheer Korma

Sheer korma is a traditional festive breakfast of the Muslims. Sheer, literally means sweetened milk, while Korma is made of dried dates. Sheer Korma is cooked as a dessert at the time of celebrations. It is served to the family on the morning of Eid and to all the guests who visit the house on the festival of Eid. The dish is very popular in India, Pakistan, and Arab countries. Read this article to know the correct recipe for preparing Sheer Korma. Make the dish at home and enjoy it with your family members and friends.

Recipe of Sheer Korma

Note: The dish remains fresh for up to one week, if kept in the fridge.