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Badam Phirni is a sweet pudding cooked on the occasion of Eid. Read the article to know the recipe of Badam Phirni.

Badam Phirni

Badam Phirni is a sweet dish cooked on the festival of Eid ul Fitr. Though phirni is loved by all, it can be a real treat for those who love milk and milk products. Desserts are the pick of every festive meal and Badam Phirni has a smooth, rich and creamy taste, to live up to the flavor of the special occasion of Eid. It is easy to make and requires very few ingredients. It also doesn't take a lot of time to cook Phirni. The article brings you the recipe to cook Phirni in the most delicious way. Read on and try it at home.

Recipe of Badam Phirni