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It is auspicious to send and receive Gudi Padwa SMS messages on this pious occasion. Hence we are providing you some to send to your loved ones.

Gudi Padwa SMS

Gudi Padwa is the first day of the Hindu New Year; hence, people greet each other by sending greetings and best wishes. It is celebrated on the commencement of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar year, but, as times changed people got busy with their routines. It has become extremely difficult for a modern man to visit a kin to wish them at times of festivals, and greeting cards too have grown out of date because of the delays in mail. With the telecommunication revolution having developed a number of ways to wish your friends and relatives, you can call them or just drop a message to let them know you remember them. Giving a call to all your loved ones becomes hectic when you have a lot of people to wish; this is when you can send SMS messages. A number of Gudi Padwa SMS messages which you can send to your loved ones are given below:

Gudi Padwa SMS Messages