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Gudi Padwa is a nice occasion to distribute gifts among your loved ones whom you really care about. A list of gifts for Gudi Padwa is given in this article for your reference.

Gudi Padwa Gifts

Gudi Padwa is a festival which is about celebrating the first day of the Chaitra month, which is the first month according to the traditional Indian calendar. Apart from being celebrated as the New Year by the people of Maharashtra, this day also denotes the arrival of spring in India. The day is full of festivities and celebrations and people wear bright clean clothes and get ready for prayers even before sunrise. A Gudi is prepared and hoisted at the doorstep of every Maharashtrian household and various rituals are performed thereafter. As this is an occasion to celebrate, everyone exchanges gifts, makes merry and enjoys themselves. If you are still confused thinking about what gift you should buy and give to your loved ones, then here are a few gift ideas.

Gudi Padwa Gift Ideas

Flowers are a suitable gift for every occasion as they can convey your emotions and feelings without even uttering a single word. Send your loved ones a bouquet of a dozen roses which is perhaps the most common and easily available flower. Flowers convey a lot of meaning, including respect and love.

Ornaments and Decorations
These are the second most common type of gifts gifted during celebrations. You can always gift decorations like wall hangings to the people whose taste and choice you know about, else, you can also gift other decorative items such as flower vases which suite all tastes and home decors. You can go for handicraft decorative too which are quite economical and look great in homes.

Everyone loves chocolates and that"s why these are such great gift for your loved ones. They can be a sweet little surprise you can treat your favorites with. This sumptuous treat is always a nice idea to gift someone you love and Gudi Padwa will become memorable with these delectable munchies.

Sweets are the traditional savories which are served and gifted to all the loved ones. So, for those who like to spend their festive time in the good old traditional way, sweets are the ideal gift. It is better if you can prepare some homemade ones along with the readymade sweets.

Door Hanging or Bandhanwar
Do you remember the times when your parents used to celebrate Gudi Padwa? They used to decorate the doorway with all kinds of ornamentations including Bandhanwars which look beautiful and elegant. These door hangings give the entrance of your home a very traditional look; hence, these are the best bet to gift to your loved ones.

Electronic Items
With changing times, needs of people have changed, and so did the idea of giving gifts. Today, the youngsters like the latest gadgets and electronic items. Hence, be a nice mom or a dad and gift your child an i-pod or a handheld gaming device.