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Whether you are looking for Bihu quotes to read or to greet your loved one, this page will serve to your needs. Read on!

Bihu Quotes

Bihu is the most auspicious festival that is celebrated in the state of Assam with pomp and show. It is celebrated not once, but thrice a year, albeit each time it signifies something unique to the people of Assam. It starts with Rongali Bihu (April) that marks the beginning of the New Year according to Hindu calendar and the initiation of the new harvest season. Kongali Bihu follows next and is celebrated around the time when the paddy crops in the midst of their growth, i.e., in the month of October. Then to mark the end of the harvest cycle in the month of January comes Bhogali Bihu. All the three forms are celebrated with just the right pinch of fervor that is needed in each of them. Dedication remains the same, unflinching! And they are celebrated in the togetherness of near and dear ones and the community. To set the tone for the upcoming Bihu festivals, a few quotes have been provided to read and greet your loved ones with.

Quotation & Sayings on Bihu