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The whole of Assam: from the panoramic hills to the smallest of villages, come alive when the festival of Bihu is celebrated. It is one of those few festivals, not just in Assam but in the whole of India, where festivities and spirit is far greater than the miniscule issues such as caste, creed, religion, faith & belief. It surpasses all of those and is celebrated around the state with great rejoicing and merry making, in a free and uninhibited manner. The community partakes in the traditions and fun, feasts and games. The fragrance of unification aromatizes the air! There's a good reason too, for Bihu not only marks the beginning of the New Year and the harvest season according to the Hindu calendar, but also puts an end to both, with as much fervent jubilations to go with in the beginning as in the end.

It's the Rongali Bihu, celebrated in the month of April that starts it all. It is also the most popular of all the three Bihus and is celebrated with elegance and splendor. It is followed by Kongali Bihu in the month of October, which is a little on the mellower side in terms of celebrations. Bhogali Bihu, the last of the Bihus, is celebrated in the month of January and it marks an end to the harvesting season. Customs and traditions like worship of Gods to seek blessings, community feasting with dishes like Pitha, Larus and Jolpan, Bihu folk music and dances, cleaning up the households, wearing new clothes, exchanging sweets and greetings, ritualistic lighting of earthen lamps, setting up temporary hut like structures and setting them ablaze on the next day, and fun and games like buffalo fight and cock fights make the festivities come to life. Learn about many more things about Bihu in the following sections.