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Friendship with woman / women is absolutely fun as you connect at a deeper level. Read about female friends.

Woman Friends

There is a unique charm of having female friends. They can make you feel at the top of the world and pamper you like crazy. Agreed, they are prone to mood swings, can be stubborn, cranky and unreasonably sulk for hours together, but the affection they shower on a friend overshadows all these trivial issues. With a woman, friendship can be really rewarding if you are true to each other. A woman can lavish affection and at the same time make you feel absolutely guilty if you break her trust. The bond that is shared in friendship with women is very strong and cannot be broken by any external force.

With a woman, you can share everything and anything under the sun. Each and every conversation, no matter how silly it is, will be interesting. Women friends cheer for each other in testing times, provide a strong shoulder to lean on in distress situations, comfort you with soothing words when hurt and have unadulterated fun when it comes to spending quality time. Sometimes, even their mere presence can perk up a dull day.

Medical research shows that having female friends can actually help you beat stress. If you are too stressed out and need to share and vent out your feelings to someone, your best bet would be to call up your closest female friend and blurt out everything. You will be surprised to find how considerate your friend can be. Not only will she listen to you patiently but also offer advice that is actually practical. And that is not all. If your friend lives close by, she may even drop by to give you a hug!

Female friendship is different from male friendship on many aspects. Men don't probe into each other's emotions to much and take it easy during a crisis situation. Here is where women score. The emotional bonding with women is at a much higher stage than it is with men. Women know how to comfort and what words to use to make sure that person feels alright. Guys are more into a tough and practical kind of friendship. Guys can be fun to be with but with women, one can expect more emotions and compassion. Female friends are fun to be with and if you find even one true female friend, consider yourself blessed.

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