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Jewelry is the perfect gift to give on Friendship Day. Read about unique jewellery for Friendship's Day.

Friendship Jewelry

Friendship Jewelry
Friendship day is the best occasion to present gifts to your pals. When it comes to presents, jewelry is one of the most treasured and thoughtful gifts that you can give to your friends. They are a symbol of undying friendship and make the bond grow stronger. You may choose a jewelry gift according to your budget, style and taste. There are many types of jewelry to choose from, to present to your friend. You may go for charming bracelets, friendship rings, necklace, anklets, etc. in various designs and colors. You can even get personalized jewellery made for your special friend. Read on to know about unique jewellery for Friendship's Day.

Friendship Day Jewelry

The most popular jewelry that can be presented to your friend is of course a charming friendship bracelet. They are available in various designs, colors and patterns. Most of them are also called 'charm bracelets', as they are studded with semi-precious stones. You can also make these bracelets at home. All you need is some craft material and loads of imagination! Your friend is sure to like the bracelet made by you.

Another very popular Friendship Day jewelry is ring. It stands as a popular symbol of best friends. You can also get personalized rings in which the names of your friends have been carved. Your rings could also have carved Chinese symbols that stand for long lasting friendship. The rings could be made of copper, silver, platinum or gold. You may present it as a promise ring, to show that you cherish your friendship with the person receiving the gift.

Necklace is another great gift that can be given to your friend, on Friendship Day. Go for a delicate chain with a cute pendant, such as a dolphin, star, smiley, etc. If your budget allows, go for a semi-precious stone as the pendant. The chain can be in silver or gold dipped. If you want to present a jewelry with an antique look, then go for a chain made with wrought iron or copper.

Wearing armlet has become a hot trend amongst the youngsters. You can beautiful armlets made with a wide variety of materials, in the shops. To present the piece of jewelry to your friend, consider its size. Ensure that the armlet is a perfect fit to the arms of the person receiving the gift.

Toe Ring
Many girls are fond of wearing toe rings, as it has become the recent style statement. When you are purchasing a toe ring for your friend, consider the shape and size of the piece of jewelry. You can now find different kinds of toe rings in the market, of different price range.