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Childrenís Day poems are a great way to remember Chacha Nehru and oneís childhood. Read to find short poems for Childrenís Day.

Childrenís Day Poems

Indians celebrate Childrenís Day on the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, that is, 14th November. The day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, as people relive their childhood and Nehruís love for kids on this day. Amongst the many doings, reciting poetry is one of the most loved activities that people indulge in on Childrenís Day. Many poets and writers have penned poems on children and this special day, transforming their childhood memories into beautiful compositions. With this article, we have brought some great poems for you to relate with your childhood and relive those cherished memories all over again, on the occasion of Childrenís Day. Read on further to know them.

Poetry For Childrenís Day

Childrenís Day
Donít hate me for who I am.
Donít hit me or shove me around,
Donít make me beg for alms today,
Donít kick my blossoming dreams to ground.
Donít stick me to walls with the MISSING sign,
Donít nip me in the bud for your gains,
Donít rape me. Donít kill me.
Donít trick me into living with so many pains.
Donít treat me like dirt and without respect,
Donít cheat me and abuse my innocence,
Donít light my unexplored land on fire,
Donít teach me to see with shallow offense.
Donít stop me from being a hero tomorrow,
Donít crop out my talents for a petty win,
Donít preach to me the song of faith,
Donít leech from me since thatís a sin.
Donít hide me from the truth that you fear,
Donít ride me as a vehicle of glee,
Donít chide me for your mistakes and faults,
Donít side me away into dark debris.

We are your hope. We are your future.
We are the ones who will change your fate.
We are everything but without your help,
We, the children, have no day to celebrate.

My Childhood
My childhood was fun,
Tough and exciting,
My childhood was one,
Where there wasn't much fighting,
This is my childhood,
My childhood was filled,
With family and friend,
My childhood was filled,
With love and lots of happy holidays,

My childhood was filled,
With tricycles and bicycles,
My childhood is filled,
With lots of classwork and homework,
My childhood is filled,
With parents that donít work,
A annoying loving brother and sister's,
This is my childhood,
My childhood is filled,
With a grandmother that was caring and loving,
When I left her,

I was hurt,
But it's for the best,
I remember the good and happy times,
We shared together,
This was my loving childhood,
That I will not forget,
This was my childhood.

A Child in the Garden
When to the garden of untroubled thought
I came of late, and saw the open door,
And wished again to enter, and explore
The sweet, wild ways with stainless bloom inwrought,
And bowers of innocence with beauty fraught,
It seemed some purer voice must speak before
I dared to tread that garden loved of yore,
That Eden lost unknown and found unsought.

Then just within the gate I saw a child, --
A stranger-child, yet to my heart most dear;
He held his hands to me, and softly smiled
With eyes that knew no shade of sin or fear:
"Come in," he said, "and play awhile with me;"
"I am the little child you used to be."