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If you are thinking of wishing your close ones who live far off, then you need not worry as you can always send Vishwakarma Puja greetings.

Vishwakarma Puja Greetings

Vishwakarma Puja is the day dedicated to Lord Vishwakarma who is the builder of all palaces, weapons and vehicles used by gods. He is the master craftsman of the gods and inspiration for all architects, engineers and craftsmen because his craft is considered to be the best and a masterpiece, which is the essence of quality and craftsmanship. There is no work in factories and other industrial institutions on this day as the workers lay their tools in front of the idols of Lord Vishwakarma and worship them; puja is done in the morning and the atmosphere is of festivities. People greet each other with cards and messages, wishing each other Happy Vishwakarma Puja. If you could not find any greetings for this day, then here are a few suggestions.

Wishes & Greetings for Vishwakarma Day

May Lord Vishwakarma - the deity of all craftsman and architects endow upon you his virtue and goodwill. Happy Vishwakarma Day.

As you celebrate Vishwakarma Day with gaiety and euphoria, may peace and prosperity come your way.

On the auspicious Vishwakarma Day, may you be blessed with happiness and prosperity.

May lord Vishwakarma bless you with success in all your endeavors; warm wishes and regards on Vishwakarma Day.

On this auspicious day, may you be blessed with skills and creativity. Happy Vishwakarma Day.

Hoping for the best start of your year this Vishwakarma Day. May lord Vishwakarma bring you all the skills to fly through this year. Happy Vishwakarma Day.

Hoping that this Vishwakarma Pooja will be
the start of a year that brings happiness
that Lord Vishwakarma fills your home with prosperity & fortune
Best wishes on Vishwakarma Puja

Shri Vishwakarma prabhune vandu
charan kamal dhari dhyan
shri shambu bal aru shrip gun
dije daya nidhaan
Happy Vishwakarma Puja!

Adbhut sakal shrusti karta
satya gnaan shruti jag heet dharta
atul tej tumharo jag maahi
koi vishwa mahi janat nahi
Happy Vishwakarma Puja!

Shrilpacharya param upkari
bhuwan putra naam gunkari
ashtam basu sut nagar
shrilp gnaan jag kiawu ujagar
Wishing All of You a Very Happy Vishwakarma Puja!

Wishing All of You a Very Happy Vishwakarma Puja!
Jai Jai Shri Vishwakarma Bhagwana
Jai Jai Shri Vishweshwar Krupa Nidhana

Vishwa vishwakarma prabhu mera
ho prasann hum balak tera
turn sada ishtdev hamara
sada vasho prabhu mun mahi hamara
Happy Vishwakarma Puja!