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Ugadi is a festival to welcome the New Year, which is the first day of the Telugu calendar. Scroll down the following article to know about mouth-watering recipes for Ugadi.

Ugadi Recipes

The festival of Ugadi is observed by the followers of Hindu religion as the day when Lord Brahma, the creator of Hindu Trinity, initiated His creation. Ugadi is commemorated on the first day of the Hindu month Chaitra, considering it to be the beginning of New Year, and calculations of the great Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya also assert the day as the beginning of New Year, new month and new day. The day is also rejoiced in the memory of Lord Vishnu as he is believed to be personified on earth in the Matsya Avatar.

While Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka celebrate Ugadi with grand festivity and in a very colorful manner, Telugu people around the world see this carnival with utmost faith and respect and so they perform many rituals, chant several verses and offer homemade delicious dishes to please God. Recipes of some of these dishes are explained in the following part of this article. Try them and celebrate this festival of Ugadi with full divinity and spirituality.

Popular Ugadi Recipes

Aval Payasam


Bisi Bele Bhath