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The date of Khordad Sal differs annually, from year to year. Explore this article to know when the festival Khordad Sal falls in the coming years.

Khordad Sal Date

Khordad Sal is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Zoroaster, the founder of the Zoroastrianism religion. Zoroastrians, residing across the world, observe this festival with much glamour and magnificence. Regarded as one of the most significant festivals of the Parsis, it is also referred to as Navroz-I-Khas. The date of this auspicious occasion falls on the 6th day of the first month of the Parsi calendar, Farvardin. This usually occurs in the month of August or September as per the Gregorian calendar. However, this festival is celebrated on different dates in the different calendars followed by the Zoroastrians. Read on further to know the dates of Khordad Sal in the year 2013.

When Is Khordad Sal
The birth anniversary of Prophet Zoroaster is celebrated on the 6th day of the first Parsi month, Farvardin. However, this date falls on different days depending upon which of the three religious calendars are followed: Fasli, Qadimi or Shenshai. According to the Fasli calendar, the festival occurs in March while the date shifts to July as per the Qadimi calendar. The Shenshai calendar observes this occasion in the month of August.
Khordad Sal, marked with immense splendor and grandeur, is celebrated by all the Zoroastrians across the globe. People get busy with cleaning their homes and decorating them with rangoli, colored sand spread on the floor in different patterns. Fragrant flowers are used for further beautifying the homes. People get up early on the day of the festival and don their new and finest clothes. They prepare traditional foods as part of the luxurious dinner that forms a major part of the celebrations. The different delicacies prepared include kebab, chelo, fish and seasonal fruits, such as melons, nectarines and apples.

The tables are decorated in a special fashion as part of the festivities. Foods and flowers are the main highlights at the table. They are accompanied by dishes of nuts and candies. The Parsis also visit fire temples or places of worship to offer thanks to Ahura Mazda and remember the birth of their prophet. A special ritual followed is Jashan, or thanksgiving prayers, which is performed in the agiaries. A grand feast prepared follows this ritual in the temples. A time to unite and mingle with near and dear ones, Khordad Sal gives the Parsis an opportunity for togetherness and to make resolutions for the upcoming year ahead.

Khordad Sal Date 2013
Khordad Sal (Fasli): 26 March
Khordad Sal (Qadimi: 24 July
Khordad Sal (Shenshai): 23 August