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Explore various Dussehra Text Messages here and send your friends and relatives an SMS full of good wishes and good luck this Dusshera.

Dusshera SMS

Dussehra is a major important festival of India which is celebrated throughout the country with immense zeal and fervor. The Dusshera of Mysore is very famous for its grandeur and splendor. Dusshera is actually the day when Lord Rama won over the ten headed demon Ravana and established an empire of 'dharma', peace and prosperity in Lanka. During Dusshera, wonderful Ram-Lila and Ravan- Dahan are organized in various parts of the country. Dusshera is actually celebrations of the victory of 'Good over Evil and the celebrations strengthen the belief of the people that truth always triumphs. This Dusshera wish your friends and your relatives, health, luck, prosperity and all your good wishes via SMS. Read on to explore some of the most popular Dusshera text messages that have been given in the following lines.

Dussehra Text Messages