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Holiday season is round the corner. We present some of the most popular gift choices. Check out our list of top ten Christmas gifts of 2023. Pick your favorite before it's sold out!

Top Ten Christmas Gifts 2023

Top Ten Christmas Gifts
Yes, it's that time of the year again, when the glistening shades of red and green adorn the peaceful and serene whites. No points for guessing, it is time for Santa to ride his sledge down the lanes! Christmas is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. Celebrated on the 25th of December each year, it marks the advent of holiday season and festive spirit. Holiday season is a time for family, a time for friends, a time for joy, a time for celebrations and everyone's favorite, a time for gifts! Sharing our joys and happiness with others are on an all time high on and around Christmas. Adding to the delight are the numerous offers, discounts and holiday specials showered by each of the stores, which makes shopping and buying gifts all the more special and a delightful experience. Many companies also launch holiday specific packages and products. In the midst of all this we help you figure out the best gifts without list of popular gift ideas for 2023. Loosen up and dig in.

2023 Hot Christmas Gifts
We start counting down; so here you go...

Number 10 - Xbox 360 with Kinect
You are the controller! That's what the new Xbox 360 with Kinect is providing the gamers with. Now, let go of the handheld controllers and become one yourself. The all new and revolutionary Kinect sensors transport the gamer into the television itself with your inside-the-idiot-box avatar doing exactly what you do in front of the sensors. And with Kinect Adventures bundle you're sure to come across adventures that you always wished you could partake in. See a ball? Kick it! Want to join a friend in fun? Simply Join in! A brilliant gift for the entire family or just your game lover of a friend or relative!

Number 9 - 3D LCD/LED Televisions
If you have a big budget, this could well support the above gift or be a perfect standalone gift. Gaming like above can really come alive if played on a 3D television. Normal television viewing on big LCD/LED television is good and all, but there's just something extraordinarily mesmerizing about 3D when it throws the football right at your face during your favorite game or takes the movie watching experience to an all new high with all the action happening as if you were right in the middle of it. Again, it's a fantastic gift to give to your family or to friends this Christmas season. The fun is right here!

Number 8 - Apple iPad 2
PCs and laptops are soon becoming things of the past. It's the new generation of Tablet computing: the generation of Apple iPad. Loaded with extraordinary features, the new Apple iPad is smart computing right in your hands: thinner, lighter, and full of ideas. With 10 hour of battery backup, it's even giving laptops and netbooks a run for their money. With dual core A5 chips (does twice the work at same time), it's got superfast graphics, LED backlit display, Wi-Fi & 3G, two cameras front and back, multi-touch functionality, and whole lot more; no recipient of this gift from the present generation will be able to thank you as much he/she would like to.

Number 7 - Espresso Coffee Machine
In the midst of the chill of the winter that runs during the Christmas season, and after being tired from setting all the decorations, guests & gifts handling; there's nothing like a piping hot cup of fine espresso coffee to send your tired senses into a state of ecstasy and infuse back into you the spirit of the season. Gift an espresso coffee machine from a reputed brand to your near and dear ones and allow them them to savor every sip of that freshly brewed coffee without giving up on the excellent taste and quality and without having to run to Starbucks every time there's a craving.

Number 6 - Sports/Concert Tickets
All will agree that the hectic schedule of festivity before and after Christmas can take a lot out of us. At this time, many of us wish to get away to spend some time doing things we love all year round (festivity or no festivity). And if at such a time, somebody gifts us with exactly what we're wishing to do and get away from the routine of the season, the joy of the season is sure to get multiplied. Even if you can't get away from the routine in a way you like, you surely aid your loved one in getting away with it: by gifting tickets of a sports event or concert that's in town. It's a gift whose memory will be cherished for a long time to come.

Number 5 - Golf Clubs
Christmas isn't just for the young bloods with all the cravings for latest technologies. Sweetest pleasures are also derived from the simplest of things. The gift number 5 is exactly that: simplest pleasure derived out of just clubbing a golf ball into the hole with finesse while playing with your golf buddies. Yes, a set of golf clubs can make for the loveliest and most adored gift to your golfing father or uncle.

Number 4 - Clothes
Be it 30 years before or the present year, new clothes just can't be out of demand or love. Doesn't matter what month or season of the year it is, clothes are one of the most loved gifts to give and receive. You can either choose to take your loved one shopping or shop on your own and bring home the clothes neatly wrapped up as gifts. You can also choose to shop for accessories that you think will go well with the clothes. Keep your loved one's size of clothing and preferences in mind before you go shopping for them.

Number 3 - Foot Massager
The gift number 3 will have the users release a sigh of relief and bless you every time they put their feet on it. Foot massagers from numerous brands are gaining a huge fan base among the gifting community. The Christmas season brings in a time of peace and solitude, away from daily traveling from home to office and back. It's a time to relax and to let go of all the cares of non-festive routine. And foot massager is surely a way to go about, or shall we say - gift about. Not only these massagers are reasonably priced, the ease with which they drive the pain and stiffness out of the feet is remarkable. Just put your foot down for this gift and let the feet of your near and dear ones be smoothened.

Number 2 - Pet
For those born with inerasable maternal instincts, there's nothing more pleasurable than having to take care of someone. Keeping this in mind, gifting a pet is surely not a bad option. On the contrary, it will definitely be a gift that will be cherished with utmost love and care, reminding the recipient of the thought behind it. If you have someone in the family or friends who's an animal lover and a caretaker by heart, a pet will make up as the best gift that they could've ever gotten. Added joy to the spirit of Christmas season!

Number 1 - Amazon Kindle
In the first position we have a gift that has the makings of one of the most innovative and best gifts to give during the Christmas season. Whether you're looking for a gift for your mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, your favorite aunt, or a friend who loves to read; Amazon Rekindle is the thing for you that is sure to rekindle the spirit of reading in them. It can store up to 3500 eBooks and will please both casual and avid readers alike. Having 50% more contrast, the stuff in it can be read clearly in sunlight as well: a fine way to read your favorite book while bathing under the crisp sun of the winter sky or reading on the go. Truly an amazing gift!

2023 Hot Christmas Gifts

Number 10 - Nintendo Wii

Wii slips down the list from last year, but still retains a position in the top ten gifts, for the plain fact that it's cool to have one! It is one gift that can be enjoyed not just by the person whom you give it too, but by his whole family and even you. The great thing about Wii is that you can play it within the house in front of the television and with your family, but still enjoy real outdoor fun. Though new consoles are arriving with similar ideas, they would take some time before reaching the level Wii has already attained. And the games available are just awesome. The latest buzz is that Wii is launching a new super Mario game. Isn't that enough to lay your hands on one this Christmas for real enthusiasts! Go ahead try it.

Number 9 - Digital Camera
Now here is something can help you capture those beautiful moments of your life in crystal clear images. Digital cams are your one shot solution for bad memory and undisputed enjoyment. With new age, digital cameras have gone way down the price lane, as they cost you for less than a 100$. And if that isn't reason enough to pick one, know that even the most decent of ones today possess amazing quality, up-to-date features, editing options and tons of storage. This Christmas, a digital camera is definitely the weapon of choice!

Number 8 - New Apple iPods
YO my hommies!! These are the coolest little gadgets available right now. With Apple unveiling the latest iterations to all its models, starting with iPod shuffle; entertainment has become so much more 'Applesque'.' The new iterations are neater, sleeker, handier and less costly. With the latest shuffle costing just $50, it's a great bargain for gifting music enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Of course, Christmas!

Number 7 - DVD Specials
For those of you who enjoy television series and enjoy special performances, you can always find a fresh new DVD collection out there. It can be the long forgotten collection or a collector's edition only, but it's worth it. Just imagine a box set of all episodes of your favorite series even those you missed. Well, that can add glitters to anyone's Christmas celebrations. You can also find DVD of special performances or DVDs of movies with added footage for real hardcore fans!

Number 6 - Favorite Accessories
This is especially for people who spend a lot of time with different things and are either semi-or fully obsessed with something. For example, if your friend spends way lot of time with his lappy, buy him something for his laptop and see his face light up. If he plays guitar, get him something related to that, even if it means buying that exotic pick! After all, this was something which he always wished for, isn't it? If your teenager holds his/ her cell phone dearer, then buy him neat accessories for that and rest assured, your thought shall be rewarded with endless gratefulness.

Number 5 - Gift Certificate
A hassle free and very convenient option! Also it, in reality, becomes the most personalized option. If you are confused and facing a choc-o-bloc as to what gift to buy or feel that your friend/relative/child/parents may not like your gift; then don't buy a gift. Simple! Well, that doesn't mean you don't get anything for the person. Just get your buddy a gift certificate from one of the places you think he loves to shop. It can be from anywhere, right from a designer shopping to his/her favorite eatery. During the holiday season, all shops offer gift certificates either at discounted prices or bundled with offers. So, just go and grab them before they run out of it!

Number 4 - Holiday Package
If your parents have been busy for a longtime and you have overheard them say that they wish to get a break, then getting a vacation package for them would be an ideal bet. Even better, get a deal in which you all can go for a family trip together or they can take a few of their friends along. With the advent of the holiday season, all travel companies, hotels and airlines around the world start offering great deals. Don't let this chance slip away!

Number 3 - Personalized Gift Basket
Now this will involve a great deal of research and lot of dedication, but be sure that the result would be a smile as wide as the English Channel on the receiver's face. You can go the traditional way and gift your acquaintance chocolate or liquor baskets. A great choice will be filling a great looking basket with the most favorite candies, chocolates, treats and even beer or liquors. However, if you are ready to tread the less known path, then go for hobby baskets. If the person likes playing baseball, give him/her a basket with memorabilia, limited edition stuff and some new gear. If he/she loves collecting something, then fill in the basket with some new collectibles.

Number 2 - Collection Of Old Memories In A Scrapbook
Again, a very touching gift! Real tears will welt up your own eyes even as you compile it and by the time you will be finished, you may not want to gift the scrapbook away. A very touchy and sensitive gift, this can be for people with whom you share a close bond of love, such as your parents, in-laws, siblings, partner, children, friends and so on. Even the coldest of hearts can melt away with such a gift. Get going and warm the heart of your beloved with this poignant gift!

And finally...

Number 1 - Very Personal Surprise
A truly customizable idea completely dependent on you and how you execute it. A popular trick is wrapping a gift in so many covers that by the time the receiver gets to the real gift, he imagines it's all in vain, only to get something very precious or beyond expectations. Ideal for people who wish to present some really great surprise! Well, then what are you waiting for - now is the time to arrange in a special surprise for that special someone. All the best and yes, Merry Christmas!